Thursday, January 24, 2008

The circumcised erection

Hi guys,

This post is a continuation of the previous post entitled, He's such a beauty!!!!

The male penis in its flaccid state is unassuming, quiet, unnoticed. In many males, the flaccid penis may be short and stubby.

But the erection of the penis in the male is his organ of generation or procreation in all its glory. Here you can see such beauty which reflects of the beauty and handsomeness of a guy's face or his body. It is good to reflect upon the various facets of the erect penis. Quite a few guys have well-endowed genitals. Their penises may be large even in the flaccid state. That is the root meaning of being wellhung. So such a guy may have a seven or even eight inch penis when soft, but may grow in erection to a proud ten or even twelve inches. But I would venture that most guys have short, stubby flaccid penises not readily noticed in their pants or shorts. Many such guys produce erections of seven, even eight inches which may surprise his sexual partners, even though most guys have boners of five to six inches.

What is even more amazing to witness is the difference between circumcised guys and guys with an intact foreskin. The foreskin of many uncircumcised guys does retract during erection, producing a moist, reddish pink glans. But what is even more amazing to see are the erection of intact guys whose foreskins don't retract and thus expose their glans. But their foreskins do retract when they masturbate or have sexual intercourse. But then they are uncut guys have tight foreskins that don't retract and if they try to pull back their foreskin it is quite painful. This condition in its extreme is phimosis which cause an inflamed, perhaps infected foreskin which may require circumcision. To see an uncircumcised guy having an erection is very much seeing a diamond in the rough.

Now circumcision is similar to the sculpting of a diamond in the rough. In most properly done circumcisions, the foreskin is cut away from the glans down the shaft to a spot an inch or more from the glans. Many infant and adult circumcisions here in the USA are done this way, hence they are called "high & tight" circumcisions. Many baby boomer males here in the USA have had Routine Infant Circumcisions [RIC]. They have been RIC'ed. RIC'ed guys generally have glans in erection that are of the mushroom variety, fat, plump, a real mouthful to the cockhound, the cocksucker.

So the RIC'ed cock is very much a finished diamond. It has a clean cut appearance. The erect RIC'ed cock glans has that reddish, purplish sheen, an angry color of sexual passion which captivates not only the owner but also mesmerizes his partner. His proud, RIC'ed penis says, "I want to have sex. Let's fuck!"

More so for the RIC'ed or adult circumcised male, his glans permanently freed of the encumbrance of foreskin, is the source of tactile and visual delight. Right now I am wearing a new GO Softwear Suspensory Jockstrap underneath a new pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. My RIC'ed cock is jutting in proud erection from the suspensory through the horizontal pouch of the Roos. It feels so good. I have been riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability wearing this combo for a good fifteen, twenty minutes and a steady ooze of precum, prefuck is emitting from my glans piss/cumslit.

Ten minutes later: I finally allowed myself a sweet climax, orgasm with ejaculation of semen, and lots of it! It felt so good!

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Anonymous said...

Circumcised penis is Allah's gift to we women & girls.
Circed penis is nice to look at, nice to suck n swallow.

Thom in DC said...

Dear lady,

Since you appear to be a Muslim, I am glad to hear that you a grateful for Allah's good gifts. This includes the circumcised penis. I am glad that circumcision is rooted in your faith and your ethnic heritage. I am getting ready to post my thoughts on fellatio, cocksucking as they relate to the circumcised penis.