Friday, October 24, 2008

Objectionable??? Relaxing with some beers!!!

Hi guys,

It is finally the end of another work week which seemed to go on forever. Our workload has increased since August with the restoration of our budget. So there is more than enough work to be done, all this in addition to our projects and increased expectancies placed upon us by our bosses.

Sometimes I celebrate a hard, long work week with some beers on Friday night. It is always wonderful to have a sweet, relaxed feeling induced by alcoholic intoxication. A hard working guy such as myself experiences a slight buzz, that relaxed feeling in mind and body, which announces the week's toils have ended. The weekend has arrived. Leisure has arrived. Fun has arrived. Yes, there are some errands to be run and some housework to done. But there is enough time for leisure, relaxation, and fun with yourself and friends.

One of my most enjoyable activities on Saturdays and Sundays are long walks. Washington, DC where I live is a beautiful city even now. Georgetown, my neighborhood, is one of the oldest parts of the District of Columbia. In many ways, it is an urban village which is ideal for long walks. Walking, along with swimming is one of the most perfect types of exercise. I keep myself strong and trim through my long walks.

A good weekend in my estimation is one when I can focus upon myself unreservedly and without shame, even if for a few hours. It doesn't need to be an expensive or extravagant pursuit. Actually such ideal times happen in the enjoyment of the simple things of life. For me, such simple things are again long walks when I can enjoy nature, or periods of silence along with myself. Such times can be enjoyment of the things of the mind and the intellect. There are no interruptions from work to distract me then. Likewise, I can enjoy my God given good health in my body. Invariably for every red blooded male, a vital center in the operation of his good health are the glories found in the exercise and operation of his sexual apparatus, namely what his penis, testicles, prostate, and associated organs can do for him in the pleasures of sex. Happier is the guy who can live this out in the sexual act with his partner.

Now, this entry will discuss and explore a more serious matter. Last November, nearly a year ago, I had had concerns about my blog. Somehow I felt then that its contents were adults only. It was only two months ago (actually it dawned upon me quite recently) that some readers had contacted Google because they found the content objectionable. Now anyone who wants to read my blog is greeted by this notice and so have to sign in to read my blog. All I can say is fine! It should have happened months ago.

Perhaps some readers were offended by my posts of penis pics, even some suck fuck pics. Some readers may found some of my thoughts on women misogynistic. That might be so, and actually I offer no apologies here. The focus of my blog is on the circumcised penis, masturbation, and assorted fetishes. Some may have been offended most likely by my comments on pedophilia, i.e. man-boy love and sex. Once again, I say that quite a few men admit to such yearnings, at least in their fantasies, and much of it going back to childhood. That has been my experience.

But all unwanted and forced sex, whether it be a man upon a woman, or man upon a boy, or even a husband upon his wife, or even a woman upon a man, all this is actually rape, or a sexual assault. When that happens, sex is emptied or robbed of its positive virtues, and the love found in lovemaking is destroyed.

I said in earlier entries in the blog, and I say it again, that the true exercise of love in sex is the care of the lover for his partner. When that happens, love truly is beautiful.

Likewise, the masturbator who takes good care of his body and psyche experiences a boon to his health and pleasurable and self-affirming benefits.

Take care.

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