Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rod Spunkel, Circed All American Stud

Hi guys,

I am slowly getting used to the rigors of my new job and it is my focused goal in 2009 to be successful in my new job and well integrated in the organization that I just joined recently. Late in 2008, even before the new job was on my radar screen, I had blogged on the virtues of deferred gratification. Deferred gratification, I said then, is a most necessary process of socialization, actually growing up, into adulthood. Adults, focus on their jobs and careers, making a living and providing for their families. I suppose the virtue of deferred gratification goes back to our prehistoric origins when our early ancestors battled the elements and the wilds of nature just to survive. Lovemaking, sexual intercourse, and reproduction of our species only occurred in protected realms of our daily existence. Hence most people prefer privacy and quiet for such activities. As an older guy, such as myself, I prefer this sort of abstinence and defer masturbation sessions to Saturdays or Sundays when I can put thoughts of earning an earning out of my mind and focus on what my RIC'ed penis can do for me in the pleasures of masturbation. I am rarely disappointed when I do this.

Now class, I have two assigned articles for this blog post. The first article is on Edging, a technique which most advanced masturbators use to heighten and extend their jack off sessions. I had blogged at length on edging and the male sexual anatomy several months ago in my posting on Circumcised Glans Cleavages. So this article is for review.

The second article, Continuous Orgasm, was written by a jack off artist in 1998. I found it on the web site, a gold mine of erotica.

Both articles were written by guys who have a knowledge not of only of their sexual apparatus but through their masturbatory explorations have read the literature about our male sexual anatomy and what it can do for us. Such articles fuel my own sexual libido. They light the fire of sexual fire in my loins. Of course, my RIC'ed good buddy and his two bros between are just as excited as I am. My horniness is aroused. I want to jack off and beat my meat!

Once again, Nigel, Circumcised.Aussie, my good buddy from down under, has a wonderful knack for finding best pics of males who have been circumcised. Often they are just average Joes which makes them even more appealing. So from his post for December 30, 2008, I found the three above pics. The top pic is by a gay cartoonist whose work I have seen elsewhere. Pictured are two young guys, perhaps college age. This cartoonist depicted the red haired guy with a orange pubic bush and a smallish flaccid perhaps RIC'ed penis hanging over a compact scrotum. The guy's glans is fairly bulbous with a pronounced glans flange or corona and a circ scar.

The middle photo pictures another young guy perhaps in his early to mid 20's enjoying summertime naked either on a boat or poolside. Again he has small flaccid circed endowment hanging over his compact scrotum. What I love about him is his knobby glans. He's enjoying life perhaps with a guy or gal in that pic.

He's followed underneath by a well-muscled dude doing his morning shave. This guy is fairly wellhung with a set of low hangers. He represents millions of men the world over who shave daily every morning. Hot!

The miracle of the Internet has brought before us a farrago of men and women in the nude, often in sexually suggestive poses and even engaging in sexual activities. Of course, this is what pornography is all about. It is said that pornography is a major industry on the Internet and probably rightly so. Many people say that this is a scourge or a blight. But many others take delight in all the good that pornography can bring us. Many guys, including myself and perhaps many readers of this blog, exult in male models found on the Internet, sometimes engaging in sexual activities, that delight the hearts of the viewers and fuel their sexual fantasies. Rod Spunkel is one such model. He's been featured at the Next Door Male and other web sites since 2007. I only discovered him a couple days ago. Next Door Male says that he has a ten inch endowment when erect which is enhanced by his male good looks and athletic body. Rod is nicely circumcised and his thick cock is capped by a mushroom glans.

Now Rod just loves to masturbate (in the top pic in this section), just as any other red blooded male. Seeing him jack off makes me adore him even more. The middle pic shows rod in a sitting pose, bending over. His long flaccid cock hangs over his scrotum. His large glans in that pic looks so suckable. Now the 'piece de resistance' is the pic below it with his thick, erect penis jutting proudly horizontally from his loins. But just look at his glans penis in that pic. Absolutely adorable!!! I learned from the Next Day Male site that he is straight and lost his virginity at age 15. Of course, that's not surprising because many youngsters are becoming sexually active even earlier than that. I suppose that perhaps an older female was his teacher in the art of making love. But then I suppose many females since that time have craved and yearned for his awesome cock.

But it is how he uses his cock that is so inspirational. He is truly into his circumcised cock (and I suppose also his body since he engages in many sports). He is truly a jack off artist. And since he is so wellhung, he also enjoys sucking himself off. Also you can see readily that he's totally into his glans penis. I leave you with a series of pics with him in action with his circed penis.

Rod Spunkel, experienced lover, All American jock, spunky masturbator and self-fellator. Enjoy!

Thom. in DC

P.S. For those into gay erotica, read the gay fuck story, The Truck, by Justin Davis, in which a wellhung circumcised cock figures prominently. Again enjoy!

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