Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 3, 2012: The day that changed my life!

Hi guys,

About a month ago I was telling you how I was really getting into the Nutty Buddy Cup. I discovered that I could wear this amazing athletic cup for hours at a time, even to bed most nights. Love its feel, especially, how it floats over my manhood!

Well on June 3, 2012, I summoned enough courage to insert the Aneros prostate massager into my rectum and the rest is history. I have had aneros sessions generally once or twice a week, sometimes three times a week. The head honchos at advise users of this device to use it at least once every other day. I even created a Google blog entitlted, AnerosUserInDC, devoted to my Aneros "practice."

One powerful thing I have discovered about the Nutty Buddy Cup is that it is great to do the Kegel Exercises while wearing and doing breathing exercises. Both the breathing exercises and the Kegels cause my Nutty Buddy Mongo to move back and forth over my manhood in almost masturbatory fashion.

Washington, DC where I live has been in a major heatwave since last Thursday. I don't think I venture forth far except to do some grocery shopping in my neighborhood. I think I'll bate and edge off and on most of today and then later use my Aneros Helix Syn.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Please, write more about your masturbation habits.

Thom in DC said...


Please explore all my entries in my RIC'ed Jock in DC blog if you want to learn more about my masturbation habits or practice. Also see my Daily Masturbation and Blog which I began early this summer. I also speak about masturbation somewhat in my AnerosUserInDC blog. The Aneros prostate massage device is awesome. Check it out at: