Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm back!!!

[This section composed early Saturday morning, June 14]

Hi guys,

It has been a difficult twelve days of general absence from the Internet and this blog. Sunday and Monday June 1-2, I suffered serious computer problems with my five-day trusty Pentium II PC during which a Java update used up just enough hard disk space which impaired seriously the operation of my machine. So I contacted my computer dealer. He sold me a new Dell Vostro PC along with a new laser printer. This new workstation was installed Thursday afternoon. I am slowly getting used to it and am getting back into the business of active participation on the Net, including this blog.

During my absence, my RIC'ed one-eyed buddy and I had been in a general funk. For many days, he and I were not interested in having a masturbation session. I used the time to pour myself into my work and enjoyed times of quiet here at the apartment. I even passed the time listening to the classical music station here, a rarity. But there were moments when horniness would get the best of me. A couple times I would take my buddy into my hand and stroke him, just like old times, in those earlier years even before the concept of personal computers and the Internet were not even conceived. I'd even bring out the little pornography I still have. It is just classic suck-fuck porno, but none of it lit the fire in my loins.

[Continuation Tuesday night, June 17]

Like I said above, I waited a good ten days before my new PC was installed and once again had Internet access once again here at home. It is said that "good things come to those who wait". Initially I had hoped that my computer dealer here in Georgetown would install a larger hard disk drive and more RAM memory on my five year old Pentium II. But he said that a mother board would have to be installed too, essentially rebuilding the old machine. So in our negotiations directed us on the path to a Pentium IV. A good buddy on the Net in San Antonio, TX urged me to get at least one GB RAM and a 250 GB HDD. My computer dealer suggested that I settle on a Dell Vostro 200 PC with 2 GB RAM and a 250 GB HDD. He also threw in the purchase a laser printer. So my new work station came to a total of $1,200, a bargain these days.

He installed everything in my apartment last Thursday afternoon, June 15. My first few hours with my new setup that evening were difficult. But I found that each successive sitting with my new Dell Vostro got easier and easier. It's like my new PC and I were getting use to each other, to use the words of a good friend here, a symbiotic relationship, perhaps a partnership.

Ned, his assistant, actually built the Dell Vostro to my specifications and transferred the files from from my old Pentium II (which they took to their shop) to the new machine. However, he overlooked one very important file, a My Pics file containing hundreds of penis pics, suck and fuck pics, and jockstraps and athletic cups. This file represented a good five years of labor to assemble. Fortunately both Phillip and Ned went out of their way to locate this file and transfer it to a USB port last Saturday which I brought home and downloaded into my new machine. Not only were they so helpful but also good sports in saving the day for me.

I end this entry by sharing with you to favorite pics of two circed guys sporting rockhard erections. But before I do, I want to take issue with the usual definition of pornography. Pornography as you know is derived from the Greek word meaning wicked or naughty writing. Somehow over the centuries and into our time any depiction of sex whether pictorially or written is either dirty or naughty. I grant you, some forms of sex is degrading and dehumanizing. But what is more beautiful than seeing the male penis in all its glory, whether in its flaccid state in repose or sexually aroused giving the proud salute of erection. Even more beautiful seeing a guy enjoying the intimate partnership he has with his penis through masturbation. He may have sex on his mind and be horny. His horniness gets the better of him when he starts playing with himself. His penis quickly gets in on the act. Very soon he begins to masturbate, stroke his meat. Invariably his penis will take over, delivering his owner exquisite pleasure. Soon enough he will be transfixed with sexual pleasure, and this partnership of a man and his penis will propel both to a shattering climax.

The first guy is a classic 1980's pic taken from Honcho Magazine. His U.S. Navy sailor's shirt accentuates his sex appeal. The second guy is more contemporary, the color photograph enhances the glory of his erection. Both guys apparently had been masturbating, beating their meat, just before their pics were taken. According to Masters and Johnson, their rockhard erections show that they are on the plateau phase of male sexual response. Not only are their penises fully tumescent but their glans are fully flared. Perhaps they were riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, that precipice when one stroke, one subtle touch will trigger the ecstasy of orgasm and the sweet release of the ejaculation of their semen. Enjoy! And I almost forgot to add, both guys are sporting high & tight circs.

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