Thursday, June 19, 2008

Supporter! Athletic cup!

Supporter! For guys into jockstraps and athletic cups, the word 'Supporter' is an incantation, a mantra which produces an erection, a boner, a hardon, a woody, however you say it.

Supporter! You only have to whisper it, sweetly, subtly as you slip this quintessential male garment over your genitals, your three-piece set and arrange your cock and balls in the mesh pouch. Athletic supporter! The jockstrap has a pouch for your genitals and a waistband and legstraps to hold your penis and scrotum firmly, yet gently in place in the heat of athletic competition.

Supporter! Guys with a jockstrap fetish may beat off wearing one. Some guys may go all the way in their jockstrap, ejaculating semen in it, jizzing it, porking off in it. That is certainly hot, if you do not mind 'soiling' it with your man seed. Supporter! Some guys enjoy masturbating in a favorite jockstrap multiple times, getting their jock starchy, crusty, and gamey with their dried, fermented semen, essentially treating their athletic supporter as a cum rag.

Supporter! My dad of blessed memory as I said many times in this blog was a Little League umpire in our hometown during my early, impressionable years. He wore a Johnson & Johnson Blue Ribbon athletic supporter underneath his navy blue ump uniform two or three times a week during Little League season in the summer time. He set a good example for me, first by wearing one for athletics, and secondly, having laundered once a week. Actually my mom laundered it. Supporter! In the 1950's & 60's men and boys invariably wore jocks for sports. Quite a few guys wore swimmer jocks underneath swimming trucks for swimming.

Supporter! Hardcore jockstrap fetishists will go on jockstrap buying expeditions, at least in years before the arrival of the Internet. Supporter! For jockstrap fetishists, there is always erotic thrill entering a sporting goods store and seeing the display of an assortment of jockstraps (both regular and swimmer) and athletic cups. In more recent years added to this assortment are athletic briefs and compression shorts. Supporter! The jockstrap fetishist in his shopping expedition will experience a thrill bordering on the electric. This thrill is centered in his genitals, for he will most likely have a throbbing erection, oozing precum, as he makes his selection and his purchase. Also many guys will experience a flush of excitement in their countenances.

Supporter! Many athletic supporter fetishist may experience a height of excitement during checkout at the cash register. Invariably guys will be no nonsense and keep a straight face especially if the store clerk is a female. Male clerks are easier to deal with. They all know guys participating in sports wear an athletic supporter.

Supporter! There are some guys out there who are really into athletic supporters, the writer among them. These guys will buy jocks in bulk, usually by the dozen. So such guys will develop a business relationship with the store in placing special orders in bulk. The store owner or proprietor may have an impression that such customers may be outfitting a team when they buy jocks by the dozen. Often these business relationships are a friendly nature.

Supporter! Jockstrap fetishists and, I believe, serious athletes look upon the jockstrap as an archetype. When the phase 'athletic supporter' comes to mind, they naturally think of their penis and testicles, only nicely supported. Supporter! While their genitals are held securely in place in the jock pouch, their ass cheeks are nicely framed by the jock legstraps. There is nothing so erotic, so refreshing, as to be on the playing field in uniform and your jock supporting your best assets yet having your butt bare to the elements, you know that bare-ass feel. Supporter! Football players before the advent of compression shorts wore a jock underneath laced up football pants. Many such guys are beefy and their butts fill out their pants. It is always hot seeing the legstraps of their jockstrap through their pants. You know they are being supported where it counts.

Supporter! Now to most baby boomers, perhaps guys of several generations over the years, the archetypal jockstrap was the BIKE no. 10 athletic supporter. Until the 1970's, this jock had the BIKE wheel logo with "Made in the U.S.A." proudly displayed on the label above the jock pouch. This athletic supporter was proudly and carefully manufactured, almost by hand. The weave of the jock pouch was something to behold. This jock was made mostly cotton with some rubber and built to last. Not the cheaply manufactured BIKE jocks made of polyester, offshored in other countries during the incipient global economy in the late 1980's and 1990's. Supporter! BIKE especially in capital letters, even Greek letters, in itself became an incantation, a mantra, to the jock fetishists and masturbator. So it's BIKE! said with forcefulness while jacking off or as a gentle whisper while in a sexual ecstasy.

Supporter! Think jockstrap. Think jock pouch. The pouch of the athletic supporter contains and supports a guy's penis and testicles. This is the shrine of manhood and masculinity.

But there is an important variation upon the theme of Supporter! The first athletic supporters, it is believed, were made in 1874 for bike jockeys riding over cobbled streets. That is how the BIKE Web Company eventually came into being. But around the turn of the century, the first athletic cups were manufactured for contact sports, such as baseball and boxing. These originally were metallic. There is a solid steel athletic cup worn by catcher Chuck Berry in 1916, now in the Baseball Museum in Cooperstown, NY (Baseball Archaeology, 1993, pages 38-39). Athletic cups have come a long way in sophistication since then. With the developments of plastics during World War II, most cups are made of durable A.B.S. plastic. From the late 1940's until the 1980's, most athletic cups were the traditional flat variety which were barely fit or contained a guy's genitals and hence uncomfortable to wear.

Yet, for serious jockstrap fetishists such as me, an athletic cup supporter unit was just as or even more powerful than an ordinary jockstrap. Most cup supporters had a tunnel pouch with metal snaps into which to insert and secure an athletic cup. BIKE and its staunch competitors Flarico and Bauer & Black all had traditional flat cups with ten ventilation holes and a thick rubber gasket. Having one or several of these jock/cups at your side was great beat off material. Better still to wear this jock and cup to bed at night (which I did many times) and jack off in the morning!

Supporter! Athletic cup! Say these words slowly, carefully, and meditatively as you picture in your made this jock and cup supporting and protecting you. Serious athletes and coaches over the years have lived out these words in the games they played and coached. Serious athletes want to play their best and win. In a contact sport such as baseball or hockey, they want to be protected "down there" comfortably. This was almost impossible with traditional flat cups.

Athletic cup! Supporter! Beginning in the 1960's was a trend among coaches and players striving for protection, comfort, and agility on the playing field. Their yearnings informed athletic manufacturers even in those years. Hockey goalie cups were the first to see this development even then. They were both huge and contoured in dimensions. Such developments began a trend. About the same time, or even earlier, Everlast came out with its line of boxing cups, most of them made of leather. Both hockey goalie cups and boxing cups cost between thirty to eighty dollar range, well out of the reach of ordinary athletes.

Supporter! Athletic cup! It took perceptive baseball umpires in the 1980's to take note of these developments and fit them to their experiences. One such guy was Vic Bernstein who was a baseball umpire who lived in California. He was tired of wearing traditional flat cups that didn't fit him, so he invented the Original Banana Cup (OBC), a contoured athletic cup of generous dimensions. This athletic cup caught on like wildfire among guys participating in contact sports. Supporter! Athletic cup! A few years later in the early 1990's, a softball umpire in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Dale Culton, took the OBC, modified it with a generously thick gasket, and created the Ump Cup in navy blue. It was popular among umpires and baseball players everywhere.

Supporter! Athletic cup! I had to be careful not to be too noticeable about my jock/cup fetish from adolescence till the 1990's. I didn't want to be called a nut. I told this story already some months ago in this blog. But I repeat it again here. In March/April 1986, I want to buy some more jockstraps and possibility more jock/cup units. Fortunately when I visited my dad then on a two-week vacation, I found a sporting goods store in my hometown, Sportsman Paradise, which sold BIKE no. 11 University jockstraps. These jocks were mostly made for professional and college teams and thus were high quality. On Thursday April 10 of that year, my dad and I went to a small city nearby to run some errands. He had to do some shopping. I got a haircut and then afterwards went to the original Sportsmen's Paradise near the old train tracks. David the store proprietor first sold me more BIKE no. 11 jocks, and when I inquired about jocks with cups, he said he got a new jock/cup in the store which he wanted to show me. It came in a rather large navy blue box with the letters BIKE on the box. When he took it out of the box, the cup was HUGE and it had a contoured banana shape. I thought I was going to cream my jeans then and there. David was friendly during the transaction. I am sure he smiled at my amazement when I saw my "horny" gaze at this HUGE banana cup for the very first time. Needless to say I went home and promptly jacked off a large load of cum! Not only did this cup have a banana, contoured shaped, but also it had a thick polyethylene gasket, and the words BIKE CUP. So BIKE CUP entered my vocabulary as I discovered that night I could wear it to bed comfortably all night long. Often I would wear my BIKE CUP to bed and hump my jock and cup gently in the still of the night, as I said over and over again, softly and sweetly, BIKE CUP.

[Continued upon awakening at 6:15 a.m.]

BIKE CUP! This was and still is a powerful incantation in those nightly rituals, those nightly humpings or fucks, wearing this awesome cup and supporter. BIKE CUP! A phrase just as potent as Supporter! and Athletic cup! Humping and fucking this athletic cup supporter unit in those still, sweet hours of repose, getting this cup and supporter hot and sweaty. Invariably I'd wake up with the beginnings of an erection. BIKE CUP! Especially at sunrise, I'd wake up to full consciousness with an erection of my RIC'ed penis oozing precum, an erection that had to be taken off in masturbation. BIKE CUP! Often I would be rewarded with a sweet, creamy ejaculation of semen most mornings because I would have to slip off the hot, sweaty jock and cup to beat my meat. The humping and fucking in bed this cup and jock resembling almost the real thing as a real fuck, as I prepared often creamy milkshakes of semen!

BIKE Athletic and Duke (another powerful competitor) went through evolutionary changes in their products in the 1990's. They were joined by Shock Doc cups and XO Pro cups. Both BIKE and Duke still manufactured hard athletic cups, but sporting goods manufacturers, such as the four mentioned here, came out with flex cups, athletic cups with soft plastic edges that help deflect the force of a blow to the male genital area in contact sports. It is said that many athletes these days prefer flex cups for their comfort these days. Companies during this time began to manufacture athletic cups for males of all ages. Originally athletic cups came out in sizes for adult and youth males. In recent years, some manufacture cups in four sizes: Peewee, Youth, Teen, and Adult, the sizing system developed by XO Athletic:

Supporter! Athletic cup! I am playing with myself in my Munsingwear Kangaroo Boxer briefs teasing and stroking my erect penis and teasing my swollen glans which is soaking my briefs with precum as I type this entry.

Supporter! Athletic cup! BIKE CUP! That gray BIKE banana cup when it first came out in 1986. I even special ordered this cup in both men's medium and large sizes by the dozen. Some local sporting good stores shipped my order by UPS. Others had me come to their stores for pickup in person. That in itself was an adventure because most such stores were out in the burbs. I would carry a large box of BIKE CUP Supporter Units by the dozen by bus and subway back to my apartment here in Georgetown during those heady years of the mid to late 1980's.

Ump Cup! This athletic cup was just as innovative in its day as the BIKE banana or the OBC. As I said above in this post, Dale Culton of BodyGuard Sports in Emmaus, PA developed and manufactured this cup. His company was a small company, and to my knowledge, is no longer in business due to big sporting goods manufacturers, a real shame! I even chatted with Dale by phone a couple times, a likable, friendly business man, who enjoyed chatting about his athletic cup, who even knew personally the late Vic Bernstein, baseball umpire and inventor of the Original Banana Cup, also no longer made.

With the Internet, it is possible to go jock and cup shopping in the privacy of your home. There are companies like International Jock that sell a great diversify of athletic products for the male genital region, far beyond the categories of athletic supporters and cup. Now guys, parents, even teenagers can shop online and avoid the embarrassment of going to a sporting goods store and asking the clerk, "Do you sell jocks and cups?" Online shopping may have its appeal, but the hardcore jock/cup fetishist still desires the thrill of the hunt, the chase in his jock shopping expeditions.

Supporter! Athletic cup! I am now beating my meat as whisper these words. These words are sweet as I caress my engorged glans and unconsciously do the Kegels as my cock and balls flex in my Munsingwear Roos. I want to cum real bad, but I am not through yet.

Supporter! Athletic cup! When I have time on my hands and leisure to spare, I google these words and see what my Web surfing brings. On a warm and languid Saturday afternoon late in August 2006, googling 'athletic cup' brought up an amazing discovery on the Web. An entirely new and innovative athletic cup was on the verge of being brought to market. I was one the first guys to discover the NuttyBuddy Athletic cup. The web site which was in its initial stages of development featured this amazing cup developed by MLB great, Mark Littell, who even demonstrated wearing this cup and having a pitching machine aiming a baseball traveling 90 mph at his groin! In no time, I had my RIC'ed penis out of my pants and was beating my meat like a jack happy teenager. I was seized by jock/cup lust. I had to get this cup! More so as Mark at his web site described how he came to invent the NuttyBuddy. He like Vic Bernstein was tired wearing cups that didn't fit him and his years as a baseball coach in the majors realized many ball players weren't wearing cups for this very reason. So with the help of two design scientists at Arizona State University, he invented an athletic cup with dual chambers for a guy's testicles and a vertical cylindrical chamber for his penis which is worn in the up position. His web site says much more eloquently and completely than I could. But Mark is the compleat businessman and entrepreneur peddling and promoting his NuttyBuddy far and wide through the USA, but no major sporting goods manufacturer, such as BIKE, has offered to mass produce his product. Personally I prefer that Mark and his close business associate, Craig Coppola of Scottsdale, Arizona "grow their company slowly" to use their words and manufacture the NuttyBuddy athletic cup with care and devotion. I admire Mark's enthusiasm for his creation and his no nonsense courage in marketing his product, often personally. He has been chided by some as being a nut. Personally I believe the best jocks and cups which support and protect comfortably have an erotic dimension about them. Perhaps their inventors have this dimension in mind unconsciously. But jockstrap and athletic cup fetishists zero in on this dimension instantaneously when they see and wear a good jock and cup.

The NuttyBuddy sizing system has sizes that mirror that of the XO Pro cup. The NuttyBuddy cup has catchy words for sizing: The Hammer (youth), The Boss (juniors/SM), The Hog (L), and The Mongo (XL), which fits most adult men. This web page even has dimensions of each cup size to assist in accurate selection.

Videos & 360 Degree Views This section of the NuttyBuddy web site should provide lots of eye candy and even beat off material for the jock/cup fetishist and enthusiast.

The Mongo NuttyBuddy Dimensions As I said earlier in this post, the Mongo NuttyBuddy is ideal for all men from the late teens on up. Just take a tape measure and measure your "man area", e.g. penis and scrotum.

Serious athletes and guys into jocks and cups will be impressed by the various pages of this web site detailing why men and boys should wear athletic cups and Mark's invention of the NuttyBuddy. It comes complete with helpful Q&A's. Enjoy!

Supporter! Athletic cup! I couldn't help it but I just beat off a two week's load of semen as I completed this entry. Take care!

[early Monday morning June 23]

I finally was able to post a series of pics illustrating this post. A running commentary is in order.

The first two pics show two guys wearing BIKE no. 10 jocks. Both guys are sporting erections and appear to be circumcised.

The second guy is obviously a jockstrap enthusiast and has shown for our delectation his beautifully erect circumcised penis.

Next comes two black and white pics of a guy holding a gray BIKE banana cup and then wearing a BIKE CUP supporter unit no. 85. The cup jock looks superbly made and the cup ideally made for the jock.

Next come the Original Banana Cup (OBC) in yellow and its variation the Ump Cup in navy blue.

Next are three pics of a BIKE metal cup with accompanying cup jock with a tunnel pouch and metal snaps. It looks like that it is 1950's vintage. I heard someplace that this is a titanium athletic cup. A thick rubber gasket adds to the comfort of the athlete wearing it.

Next is the home page of the NuttyBuddy athletic cup.

And finally there is a pic of a baseball player with a cup bulge in his baseball pants. Perhaps he is wearing a BIKE CUP, an OBC, a Shock Doctor cup, or even more so, a Nutty Buddy. Enjoy!

Take care.


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