Saturday, March 21, 2009

After a long absence, what is a circumsexual

Hi guys,

Gee, it is hard to believe that around another six weeks have sped by since my last post in late January or early February. The new job doesn't allow me much leisure to participate on the Net as I ought, much less to blog. But I am continuing to settle in my new job in a prominent international corporate library here in DC and gain in confidence in my duties with each passing day. Plus we have had a long, cold winter, but hardly any snow. Along with the wintry weather there have been weeks of relative darkness. But we sprung back to daylight saving time nearly two weeks ago, and yesterday passed the equinox into spring. Hurray!!!

Now for some picture posting:

John Davenport, the guy pictured above, exudes a smoldering, pungent sexuality in his body, in his eyes, and certainly in his well-hung circumcised cock. He is exhibiting the classic masturbatory grip, the kind of grip guys exhibit in the heat of beating their meat. He also has a nice scrotum to complete the picture.

I continue more of my running commentary on the pics.

Kenneth Jones who posts at Yahoo group Circumcised_guys has a knack for finding pics of ordinary guys who are irrestible in their ordinariliness. They are just guys you may find on the street, at work, or even place of worship. They may be guys next door in your neighbor that you may find at the 7-Eleven. The first guy has a thick circumcised mantool supplanting a large scrotum and topped by a knobby, mushroom glans. I can tell he's really into his circed cock. Experienced, devoted masturbators have well-exercised mantools. The second guy has a shapely circed cock also with a bulbous glans. It looks like he has a drop of semen on his glans. I love the third guy. He's probably some jock gifted a well-tooled three-piece set launching from his gym shorts. His glans is so suckable.

The pic of the bottom guy was probably taken as some street fair where nudity is aloud. His erect penis with a shapely glans is caressing a guy's hand. The guy just above is just spunky. He's probably looking at some porno, but at the same time, he's eating some yogurt with an unashamed erection. Get a load of his circumcision scar. Wish I could go down on him and suck him off. I'd eat the pungent yogurt from his 'nads.

Now, a few days ago there was a lively discussion on Yahoo group circumsex what consituted a circumsexual. I was too busy to participate, but knowing the guys who are part of that group, I am sure they posted many thoughtful thoughts and answers. In this blog post, I would like to add my contribution to this question.

I believe that the overwhelming percentage of circumsexuals are male. Their fascination in circumcision begins at an early age and transcends the boundaries of sexual orientation. You may have heterosexual circumsexuals, homosexual circumsexuals, bisexual circumsexuals, even metrosexual circumsexuals, possibly also transgendered circumsexuals, if that is possible. Circumsexual awareness or consciousness begins at an early age as the young male becomes conscious of his penis and sees those of other males in his life, father, brothers, perhaps other males. The rite of passage into adult malehood increases this awareness beyond measure as a male teenager learns to masturbate to climax and discovers what his penis can do for him. Masturbation like athletics for guys are occasions for self-discovery when they can explore their God-given bodies and their male genitalia. A guy who was circumcised as a neonatal or as a boy will explore his retooled penis, finely sculpted through circumcision. Invariably at an early age he will revel in the dainty touches that he delivers to various parts of his glans, his frenulum (if he still has one) or frenulear area, and the inner mucosa from the glans to his circumcision scar. This dainty touching of the various areas of his penis, a young male discovers quite early produce a sensation of exquisite sweetness. This tactile sweetness, he discovers perhaps with surprise, is the root of sexual sensation in himself. Invariably such sexual touches which he delivers to his penis and perhaps other erogenous zones of his body (such as his nipples, breasts, ears, abs, and thighs) become over time caresses and strokings. I believe that both masturbation and male coital movements of the hips (fucking) are instinctual, akin to sucking. An infants suck their mother's breast. It is a feeding motion necessary for the infant's survival and well-being.

Now all males who delight in these sexual touches graduate to the masturbatory grip. Quite a few young prepubeterial males stumble upon this grib rather early and discover most likely through surprise and delight that they can masturbate to orgasm. Of course, they will not experience a full ejaculatory orgasm. They have to wait for adolescence for that. Many boys however will advance to what their bodies and their penises can do for them in masturbation as they enter puberty and the throes of adolescence. Their maturing sexual equipment and its function is just a part of their bodies spurting several inches in height, shedding boyish flab (hopefully) and putting on muscle as they go out for sports, deepening voices, and sprouting facial hair and pubic bushes. They will discover that their genitalia are growing and enlarging and with such growth, are surprised, perhaps with joy, that now they have spontaneous erections.

Of course, I am describing my own adolescent sexual discovery which I have told in earlier parts of this blog, but I will retell it again. At age eleven, that's when I noticed changes in my body as described above, most particularly in my enlarging penis and my sprouting pubic hairs. I began experiencing delicious erections while in the bathtub before bedtime. It's like my RIC'ed penis was inviting me to touch him. So I began delivering those dainty touches to my maturing penis which inflamed him. He was telling me to join him in these sexual explorations which began to take more of an urgency as I got older. But once again, it was discovering my dad's jockstrap drying over the bathtub, a men's large Johnson & Johnson athletic supporter with HUGE jock pouch and trying it on one night that threw open fields of sexual discovery for me. I knew intuitively that his jock pouch contained and supported his penis and scrotum. I was mystified that the jock had no seat as found in normal brief or boxer underwear. An athletic supporter was an essential part of a gym or athletic uniform in those years. Most men and boys wore one as a matter of course. I had to get one for 7th grade PE. I bought a boy's Johnson & Johnson Coach jockstrap at our town drugstore. The box containing it had a true-to-life of a stud bucknaked in nothing but this jock. I began to get a rockhard boner in my khakhis. I rushed home in excitement and slipped it on for the first time in the privacy of my bedroom. It was a sexual awakening for me as I experienced for the first time the jock pouch lifting and supporting my scrotum and my rockhard penis which I had to wear in the 12 o'clock position. The mesh jock pouch caressed my glans oozing with precum. The feeling was so delicious.

In the weeks following that experience, I replicated those delicious feelings first with dainty touches and caresses. I quickly graduated to masturbatory touches and caresses and then settled on the classic masturbatory grip. Finally about a year or so later, one evening before bedtime I was in the bed stroking myself. It seemed that my masturbation was carrying me to heights unforeseen and exciting. Finally each stroke felt better and better. Not only my circumcised cock feel so full with sexual energy and pleasure, but all of this was suffusing my entire body. Waves of pleasure flooded my cock and balls, my glans was oozing out lots of precum. It just felt better and better as I beat my meat. Finally a tidal wave of pleasure swept over me as I experienced my first full-fledge orgasm with ejaculation of semen! I reveled in that experience and became a committed masturbator, finely tuning my sessions over the years.

But many uncircumcised guys have similar experiences. I read last night on that uncircumcised guys masturbate more often than circumcised guys and even are addicted to masturbation period. That might be so, since Routine Infant Circumcision [RIC] here in the USA was touted as a curative to excessive masturbation in males and then become widespread in the late 19th century here. It is hard to make such generalizations because many circumcised guys enjoy jacking off as much as their uncircumcised bros. It is also known that quite a few intact guys are circumsexuals in their early years too. Perhaps it is yearning just like their circumcised bros in their sexual equipment, or a medical condition of a tight, inflamed foreskin may cause them to elect for the procedure. I have chatted with many guys who were circumcised as teens or adults. They say that getting circumcised was a life-changing event for them. All of them have to endure several weeks of healing from the circumcision. For them, they had to restart sexual activity slowly and carefully. Invariably they have to learn how to masturbate in an entirely new way. Married men who have been circumcised enjoy fucking their wives even more, and so do their wives. Quite a few men circumcised as adults say that their orgasms (although they may take longer to achieve) are deeper and more intense.

I leave you with a pic that describe the state I am right now. I haven't ejaculated semen for nearly three weeks now. I am horny as a horndog and oozing precum like the stud of that circumcised cock above. I need to get my rocks off real bad!!!

Take care.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to be under that cock with my tongue reaching up to the head.

Anonymous said...

Good story, but I hate to tell you that jock straps aren't as popular these days with young guys, like they were when you were younger. I graduated HS last year and I hate to bring bad news, but no one, even the hardcore athletes, wore them.

Thom in DC said...

Yes, I know, Anonymous.

I saw this trend (fewer and fewer guys wearing jockstraps) as early as the early 1990's at the university field house in my neighborhood. Yes, the going trend these days for many athletes to wear compression shorts if they desire support. But many Major League Baseball players wear a jock with a cup. And just two years ago I saw stunning pics of University of Texas Longhorns football players wearing jocks underneath their tight football pants. It is always hot seeing the legstraps of a jock of a hot stud any day :-)

cathoholic said...
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Johnny said...

Great story, man; I'm 24 and I can relate to going through all those experiences with my RIC'd cock myself. I know I became a circumsexual when I was around 8 and saw two of my buddies' cocks for the first time; one was cut like me and the other was uncut and from then on it became a thrill to find out what other guys were circumcised; it was awesome to find out later that almost everybody was circumcised too. I think the theories about less sensitivity are largely a bunch of crap, too; anybody who's ever watched a porn of a circumcised guy can tell he's gettin a hell of a lot of pleasure out of his cut rod. After reading your blog I think just breathing on my RIC'd dick would send it shooting! LoL take it easy man

Anonymous said...

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