Friday, July 24, 2009

Howdy again! I am a RIC'ed baby boomer jock

Hi guys,

It's hard to believe that scarcely five months have flown by since my last blog post, dated March 21, 2009. I have been very busy learning the ropes of my "new" job and now the intensity of my job has gone to an entirely new level. There's lot of new work requiring my undivided attention Monday through Friday.

When Friday night rolls around, I am ready for the weekend which now is all too short. Saturdays is the best day of the week because I am utterly free of responsibilities towards my workaday job and church attendance on Sundays. Saturdays I can enjoy life to the fullest. That includes simple things of life, such as long walks out in nature, visiting friends, browsing a renowned university library in my neighborhood (where I worked for a good thirty years before retiring recently), and of course, sex!

The Circumcised Male Totem Pole

I have dubbed the above series of pics the circumcised male totem pole. The word totem signifies an entity of power, among Native Americans, usually some 'power animal' that influences the life of an individual or a group of people through shamanism. Every guy from his earliest years is struck by what his penis can do for him in terms of pleasure. From puberty and adolescence the totemism of his penis has overt sexual overtones. Yes, most of the time, the male uses his penis as an instrument for urination. Little boys are instructed by their fathers to unzip their pants, take their penis out of their underwear, and aim their penis toward the toilet bowl before urinating or pissing. Such a practice is handy, especially if a guy is on the go. That is if he "does number one."

Many uncircumcised or uncut guys attest that their foreskin has lots of nerves which gives its foreskin is particular sensitivity and sexual pleasure to the owner of such. That might be so, but I can't judge because I have been circumcised all my life as a RIC. But I have chatted with quite a few guys on the Internet who were circumcised as adults. They told me that they were glad to be rid of their foreskin because a foreskin becomes rather smelly from quickly accumulated smegma. RIC [Routine Infant Circumcision] is an essentially American phenomenon, a medical procedure of circumcision performed on male neonatals a day or so after birth. It arose generally in the late nineteenth century as a prophylactic against masturbation. Doctors thought then that circumcision would deaden sensation in the male penis through the "cutting away" [circumcision] of the foreskin and in many cases also with the excision of the frenulum (that procedure called frenulectomy). Most urologists hence perform both circumcision and frenulectomy male infants, boys, and adult men to produce a pleasing "clean cut", nicely circumcised penis, generally pleasing the eye. It is always wonderful seeing a quintessentially American guy, cleancut, cleanshaven, with short hair, with a nice "clean cut" high and tight circumcised penis. It is just as hot, even hotter to see a guy with facial hair, actually hairy all over his who body, and yet he's circumcised. Mature bald guys, with thick 'staches and beards, and hairy even where it counts, are just as hot sporting a circumcised cock, ready for action.

Yes, it is true, as the well-meaning doctors of yore assert, that circumcision deadens sexual sensation in a guy. The perennially circumcised glans is not as hypersensitive as the glans prepetually ensheathed in a foreskin. But sooner or later, both uncircumcised and circumcised guys, discover, often as boys, what their penises can do for them in masturbation. Touching oneself, both sexes discover sooner or later, "down there" is a primary form of dalliance, a gateway to more marvellous and grander things in terms of solitary sexual pleasure, that leads eventually to the glories of masturbation. Adolescent males, through the practice of masturbation, discover their own individual sexual response, which is part and parcel of their minds and bodies. Serious masturbators, through leisurely masturbation sessions, become adroit in timing their sexual climaxes in coitus (suck-fuck sessions with their partners). They discover their own threshold of ejaculatory inevitability and aim to hold off on their ejaculatory climaxes until the please their partners sexually.

A few months ago in one of my recent blog posts I recounted the story of a guy out in California who was circumcised at age 21 in Utah, then proceeded to have four more circumcision revisions which tightened up his circumcision and got rid of the "looseness" of circumcision [he's well-hung]. He told me that the sensation that he felt in masturbation was located deeper in his circumcised organ and that it is much more intense as a result.

Serious masturbators set aside lengthy periods [sometimes] for dalliance with their penises. The discover in many ways what their penises can do for them in masturbation. That means a leisurely form of sexual play, called "playing with themselves." For me, I love to stimulate and caress my glans, mostly the rim of my glans and their excised frenulear area, the "sweet spot", just beneath my glans on the underside of my cock. I am richly rewarded when I can do this without interruption or worry.

As a RIC'ed baby boomer jock, I came of age when jockstraps and athletic cups were king in the 1950's, 60's into the 1980's. Slipping on that very first Johnson & Johnson Coach jockstrap in early September 1964 opened worlds of tactile pleasure for me, setting me on a road of erotic pleasure which lead me to my first ejaculatory orgasm [a complete surprise] nearly a year later. Jocks and cups entered my erotic fantasies about this time. They became a potent fetish in those years, which continues to this very day.

I need to say something about the totemic penis shown in the two guys about. Robby Boyce, the first guy, has such a thick ramrod piece of circumcised meat capped by a mushroom glans and a set of low hanging balls. Likewise, Milan Gamiani has a long, thick rod capped by the bulbous, pronounced double-lobed glans. I am sure both these studs are very much into their circumcised cocks and enjoy romancing them through masturbation.

It's always wonderful to romance your penis. I generally romance mine in foreplay through caressing my shaft and my glans. Romancing my glans consists of caressing lightly the rim and groove of my glans. That excites my cock and he wants more attention which produces exquisite sexual pleasure generating from my glans, travels down the shaft of my penis, and ends up in my balls and prostate which pulsating with delight. The mesh pouch of a jockstrap caresses and teases my glans even further, and I want so much to take my cock out of my jockstrap and beat my meat. By now, I am oozing a steady stream of precum.

Such a jockstrap is shown below. Right now I am wearing a men's large Adams athletic supporter. Oh, it feels so good! It's a traditionally manufactured jock and it is holding my three-piece set securely yet comfortably. Adams manufactures a line of jocks and cups for men and boys at reasonable prices. It is possible to buy Adams cup supporters (without accompanying cups) in bulk, which I have done recently several times, with both the Adams Universal Flex Cup and the more traditional Adams flat cup (shown below). Traditional flat cups have drawn complaints for years because they are not roomy enough for a guy's equipment. But Adams has medium and large size flat cups for men. I bought several Adams men's large traditional cups and they fit me remarkably fine. Plus they have a thick rubber which adds to their comfort.

Just below is an Ump Cup, a modified Original Banana Cup in navy blue, also with a thick rubber gasket. It was a product of Bodyguard Products, Inc. in north central Pennsylvania. Unfortunately this cup had a flimsy rubber gasket which tore easily, which was a terrible shame.

Then a couple pics of the Nutty Buddy athletic cup, truly an innovative cup. If you look closely at its design, you will see it has dual side chambers for a guy's testicles and a verticle chamber for his penis. Also notice the 'tail' at the bottom of the cup which fits under his scrotum, thus offering him full protection from stray baseballs.

Finally just below are three pics of the GO suspension or suspensory jockstrap. This is essentially a jockstrap with a hole in the pouch through which a guy inserts his penis and let it hang free. Traditionally a suspensory has been worn as a medical device to support only the scrotum as he recovers from a vasectomy or a scrotal injury. But many guys, including myself, find this suspension jock sexy as all getout because of its design. This jock supports and holds securely his scrotum and he can masturbate with this jockstrap on. His scrotum enlarges from vasocongestion from the sexual excitement of his masturbation which in turn may propel him to an ejaculatory orgasm. You should try it sometime. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Man, I love your blog. Your descriptions are mouth-watering and your love and devotion to the circumcised penis is erotic and beautiful. I'm a RIC'ed guy myself, 25 yrs old from Minnesota, and love it and am glad to see a fellow devotee out there. Keep up the posts, man! you haven't been posting on here for a while now. Looking forward to something new ;)

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