Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012: Third hottest summer in DC's history

Hi guys,

Already we here in Washington, DC are in September, mid September to be precise. We passed through perhaps the third hottest summer in the city's history, although meteorologists and climatologists say that the year 2012 for North America will be the hottest year in history.

Once again I passed through a summer during which I accomplished little. It was just another summer to be endured with its endless weeks of heat, humidty, and fierce summer sunshine. Having been recently "retired" in January 2011 made the idleness even worse.

But the weather began to change for sure the beginning of this month. Last Saturday afternoon a line of fierce thunderstorms passed through which swept away the remaining vestiges of oppressive summer heat and humidity. When that happened, we began having a week of idyllic late summer weather, ideal for long walks and enjoying the outdoors finally!

Yesterday I had to take firm action with my Hotmail account. It has become unusable because of recent Microsoft upgrades. So I opened a Gmail account to handle for more routine correspondence. I will retain my RIC'ed Jock in DC/Thom in DC/BigGlans2003/BigGlansDC aliases. They refer to my masturbation practice, jock and cup fetish, and finally my Aneros practice. I had to upgrade or change my passwords to my Google blogs in the process.

Right now I am reveling in the sensations of my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer brief, Nutty Buddy Cup, and men's large Duke jockstrap "sandwich" as I kegel away as a foreplay to a very long overdue Aneros Maximus session later today.


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