Sunday, December 9, 2007

Circed guys enjoying themselves beating off

Hi guys,

It appears that Google blogger is being used much by users because I am having trouble saving to save this one post before publishing it. This is my third or fourth attempt at posting this entry.

Like the previous it is a celebration of the circumcised penis, actually this time guys masturbating the circed tools. They are so much into the pleasure and bliss of masturbation. It shows in their faces, whether of bliss or even the agony and ecstasy that masturbation produces. Plus notice the connection between the guys themselves and their circed tools. They are totally into their penises and Penis Consciousness.

The first guy wearing the baseball cap has a thick, circumcised penis, with a flared glans. It looks like the musculature of his whole body is into the act of jacking off. That is what sexual passion is all about. It also looks like this guy is on the plateau phase of his sexual response cycle. I don't know if he is on the verge of climax, cumming or porking off. But it is definitely a hot pic.

The second guy is one of my favorite models, Aaron Meister. He's my type in that he has fairly well-muscled body of an older guy. His facial hair is a definite plus. Aaron has a rather short, but thick circumcised penis. And his glans! Fat, mouth watering luscious! His jack off pics are now in JimBob's Tools Group on WorldGroups. Aaron has an intense underwear, jock and cup fetish as the second pic shows him jacking off with a BIKE jockstrap.

Finally there are B&W pics of a muscle bound dude wearing a tight muscle shirt and jeans. His circed penis is also thick and his glans is HUGE. He is definitely into the agony and ecstasy of masturbation as the three pics of him show.

Enjoy, guys,

Thom. in DC


solojo said...

#2, (faceless, green T) is exquisite. The doc who did that circ is an artist. Of course, he had a LOT to work with!

Thom in DC said...

Hi solojo, The penis in #2 belongs to Aaron Meister, the guy in pic #3 who is jacking off with a BIKE jockstrap. Aaron is absolutely awesome because it is so much into Penis Consciousness just because he loves to play with himself and beat his meat. In fact, JimBob entitles Aaron's pics as Aaron Meister, the Meat Beater. Hot!