Friday, December 21, 2007

Male erotic mindfulness

Hi guys,

The year 2007 is quickly drawing to a close. In eleven or twelve days it will be New Years Day 2008. The year 2007 workwise ended today because I will be on vacation until January 3, 2008. I am savoring this vacation because first, I will get away from it all for some days, and second, 2008 promises to be a year of many changes not only for myself and my work organization.

Change operates the universe. Without change, there would be atrophy, death of the natural order. Change with us humans is very necessary. Without change, we would be relics of the past, hardly of any use both to the natural order and human society.

But humans over the millennia have developed techniques for coping with change, the best one perhaps is meditation. For Buddhists, mindfulness is a powerful technique for developing tranquility and detachment in dealing with change creatively for the better.

There is bodily mindfulness which I know many males develop from their boyhood years into the adult years. Bodily mindfulness is when a guy focuses on his body. I am not sure about the opposite sex because I have never had any actual intimate relations with females. But I am sure that quite a few women have a similar erotic mindfulness.

Male erotic bodily mindfulness occurs when a guy focuses on his body. I believe that male erotic bodily mindfulness occurs when a when a male focuses on his own body. It may happen when a guy is in bed in a relaxing slumber. Many guys enjoy sleeping in the nude so that they can exult in their male erotic mindfulness. A guy revels in the sensations of his body in deep relaxation. Invariably in that state of consciousness, he may exult in the sensations in his penis which may stir in semi-erection.

Researchers have discovered that the testosterone level of guys is highest around dawn. That is why some many guys wake up with a morning erection and a full bladder. Most guys, including myself, will pay a visit to the bathroom upon awakening. If he doesn't have to get ready for work, a guy may return to bed and may engage in some sexual play with himself, or with his partner if available.

Athletics have long been greatly valued by males for not only athletic training and toning of the body, but also for their rejuvenating qualities. Many guys may run first thing in the morning or in the evening before turning in, perhaps even at midday. Running and jogging are therapeutic in producing endorphins which produce feelings of elation and well-being, both physical and psychological.

Swimming has been long considered as the most perfect exercise not only for exercise of the body without the wear and tear of running and jogging. In earlier years, I used to swim at our field house on campus and can attest to the value of a good swim. Plus swimming is a very sensuous exercise. You strip down to buck nakedness and then slip on a skimpy pair of Speedo racing trunks. The water of the pool courses over your body as you swim and often in the fellowship of other swimmers. I enjoyed swimming mid mornings when the pool wasn't too crowded. You had swimmers from their late teens to late sixties. Most were male and most were circumcised. You could tell easily because most guys wore the unofficial uniform of Speedo racing trunks. Speedos show off with great effect the endowments of guys. It was wonderful eye candy seeing their knobby glans in their racing trunks.

So athletics assist guys in getting in touch with their bodies.

Male erotic mindfulness is rooted in the consciousness of the penis, testicles, prostate, the entire sexual apparatus of the male. It is activated or actualized in several different ways. Two come to mind. First, there the male Kegel Exercises which enable guys to focus on their genitals, primarily the penis, testicles and prostate. In a sense, when you do them properly, this focus, this mindfulness is a covert form of masturbation. And secondly and finally, there is masturbation itself which is the working out of male erotic mindfulness in a most concrete and physical way. Erotic consciousness then is shared in sexual intercourse with a guy's partner which often produces a bonding beyond measure.

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