Thursday, December 20, 2007

A male thing, A male circed pride

Hi guys,

I tried to post a blog entry early this morning complete with pics but lost everything because would not take my post :-(

So I will try again tonight. I have wearing one of my new C-IN2 gray jockstraps and am reveling in the soft, sensuous cotton fabric of this amazing jock. Actually I am kneading my semi-erect penis in this jock. Damn! It feels so good! Just now I took my penis out and it is beginning to ooze pre-ejaculate, precum!

What I described above is known as a male thing, something special a male has with his penis. Often it is a special occasion of intimacy with the buddy between his legs. Not many guys are much into going public with this type of intimacy, because it is so special, but some guys, especially in their teenage or college years may engage in a form of group masturbation called a circle jerk. That in itself may be exciting, but the few group JO sessions have been impersonal and lacking any real bazaaz. Better still is mutual masturbation, especially among guys that know each other. Holding each other's cock does indeed generate terrific sexual excitement. But mostly it is solitary masturbation during with a man partners with his penis and yes, that is indeed very special.

Mostly when a male is engaged truly in a male thing and he is circumcised, then he experiences a male circed pride in his "clean cut" circumcised penis in the proud salute of erection. Seeing a circumcised male displaying an erection is indeed a sight to behold.

Let us males not get so distracted that we neglect our well-exercised bodies and our fully functional penises.

Take care,


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