Monday, July 7, 2008

Separation makes love only fonder


Hi guys,

I finally was able to get some much needed time off from work today and tomorrow, thus giving myself a five day vacation, if you count July the Fourth, Saturday and Sunday. Those days I enjoyed seeing some friends and running some errands. However during those three days the weather has been unsettled with lots of humidity and some thunderstorms. I don't function well here in the summer time when the humidity is so high. All I can do run through the motions of eating, sleeping, and off course, going to work. This oppressive weather drains me of any sexual libido.

It's hard to believe that I haven't had a masturbation session to climax in over two weeks. Yes, there has the grind of the workaday life and necessary activities and errands on weekends here. I think that has been the experience of a lot of people in my organization, perhaps in many businesses and organizations here in the USA with our slowing economy this summer.

But finally this morning I awoke with a delicious erection. It's not to say that I have had nudges from my RIC'ed one-eyed buddy in the last fourteen plus days. The testes, prostate and associated organs in healthy males produce spermatozoa and other seminal fluids despite the fact that many males may live very busy lives. It is a known fact that sexual abstinence if sustained long enough will cause vivid sexual dreams in the male, complete with erection and emission of semen. But even before that happens a male, whether man or boy, will awake with delicious erections. The good buddy between his legs nudges him with a pleasurable erection along with his prostate and seminal vesicles overflowing with semen ready for release in the heat of sexual passion.

It is said that periods of separation makes love only fonder. This is certainly true of lovers in that separation will inflame the yearnings for each other. Many lovers will call each other on the phone each day to keep the flame of love alive. Separation only provides fuel for the fire of love. Separation makes the fire of love more intense in lovers during their separation. Hence their lovemaking in their reunion is more fervent, more potent in the encounter of coitus, fucking. So is it with the solitary male and his penis. The last couple hours I have been teasing my flanged RIC'ed glans and just a few minutes ago I slipped on a last generation BIKE no. 10. It feels real good, but I am not I will jizz it or pork off in it. But I am going to enjoy today taking my time to reach the summit which all guys enjoy in masturbation.

The first pic posted in this entry is Johnny Titus who was a gay heart throb in the 1980's. Love his short thick RIC'ed cock, his full head of black hair, his thick 'stache, his well-muscled body. Yeah, he's muscle-bound but he fall in the same league of his contemporary Jimmy Pike.

The second pic is that of a well-muscled hunk who is a bicyclist wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans. He is similar to Johnny Titus in that he has a full head of black hair and thick black mustache. He has a nicely proportioned circed erect penis, capped by a bulbous glans. Plus he has a thick pubic bush as does Johnny. Both Jimmy and Johnny are guys that I want to engage in deep-soul kissing in the heat of sex!

The third guy has the makes of an otter in that he has the beginnings of a beard along with hairy pics and abs. His circed penis is perhaps thinner, but certainly long, along with an impressive circ scar. His pork missile gives a proud salute!

The fourth guy is wearing a last generation BIKE no. 10 which came out in the late 1980's, early 1990's. I still have quite a few in my collection. This was when BIKE Athletic was still making jocks that would last a long time. Notice how this jockstrap supports well the guy's three-piece set. Well the BIKE no. 10 jock that I am wearing right now is getting soaked with precum that is oozing from my stimulated glans penis.

I have added another pic, perhaps a vintage B&W pic from the late 1970's, early 1980's. Pictured here is a scruffy motorcyclist on a Yamaha motorbike. He's nicely muscled along a beard and mustache and sporting a circed erection with a flared glans emerging from his jockstrap!


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