Saturday, September 13, 2008

The fullness of change

Hi guys,

There is a fullness of change these days. Here in DC as well as other parts of the USA, it is already the middle of September. Summer is waning bit by bit with the days shortening and the summer heat abating. Very soon we will pass the fall equinox into autumn, my favorite season here.

There is change in my workplace. Soon I will move to a new cubicle because a new staff person has been hired to take my present spot in the office. Many adjustments, some painful, are beginning to take place. But everyday I cope with change creatively, instituting changes within myself to keep me on the path that leads to my fullest destiny.

As many of who read this blog, we in the USA are facing a crucial election year this year with the upcoming election of a new president and vice-president. The choices are bewildering and hard since the Democrats Obama and Biden and the Republicans McCain and Palin are such convincing candidates in their own ways. Then there are third party candidates for those of us, such as myself, who are dissatisfied with both the Democrat and Republican party agendas. Hence there is fullness of change awaiting us Americans in this present time.

Every guy needs to get away from the work-a-day grind and the demands of everyday life on a regular basis. The ancient Hebrews through their Torah, enshrined in the Law of Moses in the Old Testament, instituted the Sabbath, the seventh day as a day of rest from all labor. When the Christian church come into being on the Day of Pentecost, Sunday became the day for the weekly celebration of the Eucharist, in remembrance and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Muslims have their Day of Congregation, Yawm al-Jum'ah, on Fridays with congregational prayers with an address from a civil or religious leader just after the sun passes the meridian in the sky. Other religions have their appointed times of corporate worship. Humans get away from their daily grind for some refreshment and rest.

Here in the USA, especially now, we live in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society, with many Americans who are decidedly secular and not attached to any religion. Many people use the weekend for family activities, visiting friends, going to the movies, sporting activities, and certainly for making love. Each of us, especially as we get older and more committed to our careers, need these times of refreshment on the weekends. Making love for many couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, is often a celebration and a release, very much like a cherry on a rich chocolate Sunday. For those who are alone and unattached in a relationship, masturbation is just as powerful.

I wrote the above paragraphs early this morning before I went out to run some errands and have breakfast at my neighborhood restaurant, a Saturday morning ritual of mine. Alas, I found myself in a senseless argument with a waitress there. I came home around noon, hopped on the Internet for an hour or so, and then lay down for two hour nap. Any guy can attest to the fact that an argument with a female can drain him of his libido. I mean here his spunkiness.

Now for more reflections on the fullness of change. Free association on the phrase, fullness of change, can bring some amazing insights:

Pregnant and impregnate not only have sexual connotations in terms of fucking, coitus, the act of making babies among couples, but also in terms of far wider meanings of the word "fullness", especially immense possibilities fullness can conjure up.

The words pregnant, impregnate, and their physical actions of fucking, coitus, and inseminating a female also brings up the root meaning of spunk, ejaculated semen, which occurs in the heat of sexual passion whether fucking, coitus, or a guy jacking off, masturbation, beating his meat. A guy who is spunky, or full of spunk, or exhibits spunkiness, is one who is willing to take risks and able to be a lone wolf in the face of immense challenges and danger.

Your penis, in the worst of times, is your best buddy. You may be beaten up by the circumstances of life and harassed and paralyzed by dark depression. Your one-eyed buddy is always there for you. He has your deepest needs in mind. Such happened last Sunday morning when after a disastrous work week, I felt defeated and washed up. So at 8 a.m. I hoped on the Internet to read my e-mails and see what was interesting. On a lark, I visited the web site and that did the trick. Hot guys there turned me on and also my penis. My RIC'ed cock took over with a proud erection. I was happy to comply. I had an immense jack off session in total engagement with my penis. May I do so again tonight.

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