Monday, September 1, 2008

Irresistible, Irrepressible, and Proud

Hi guys,

On this Labor Day afternoon which here in the USA is a major holiday, celebrating the work-a-day life and a last hurrah to summer, here is what I wrote in this blog several Saturdays ago last month, but never got around to publish:

"It's been several weeks since I last posted in this blog. I have been very busy with my job lately, pouring out work as demanded by my bosses and coping with change in my workplace. Most weekdays thoughts of my penis, circumcision, masturbation, jockstraps and cups, etc. are furthest from my mind. But usually when Friday rolls around, there is relief that the weekend is nearly here. Like many Americans, I tend to live for the weekends when I can get as far away from my workplace as I can. Saturdays are now my favorite day of the week where I can get away from it all and do what makes me happy and gives me pleasure. That includes exulting in my male body and enjoying my RIC'ed penis in masturbation. I think this is true with most other males as well. This includes many couples when it comes to coitus.

"Actually I woke up early before dawn today, which I am wont to do even on Saturdays. I hopped on the Net and was nearly ready to blog and masturbate. But then I ran out of steam, went back to bed for a couple hours, and then got up finally to run some errands and have Saturday breakfast at my favorite neighborhood restaurant before returning home just before noon to attend to some housekeeping. I had to do this before I could get down to some uninterrupted leisure necessary for successful blogging and a unhurried masturbation session.

"Living for the weekend now manifests in thoughts of lust, among other things, as mid afternoon Friday arrives. Yes, like many baby boomers, I arrive home Friday evening after work generally exhausted. All I can do Friday night afternoon is attend to my laundry. Once that chore is done, then the weekend has truly arrived. I reward myself with a good night's sleep which most Friday nights is well-earned and sweet.

"Quite often early Saturday morning I wake up with an erection and sweet ache in my groin that requires some attention. The slightest touch "down there" excites my good buddy. He's rearing to go out and play. That has happened the last few Saturday mornings when I allowed him to go all the way with me in masturbation. Every touch, every stroke inflamed him, and in no time I was a jack happy teenager, beating my meat, to a shattering orgasm and ejaculation of thick ropes of semen in fifteen minutes flat! It felt so good! Every jackoff artist knows this experience from his boyhood.

"Today it is different. Right now I am wearing a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. I have been teasing my good buddy off and on for a good two hours now as I surf the Web. My briefs are moist with precum. But I am taking my time today. My RIC'ed penis understands and is patient. Nevertheless there is that sweet erotic ache in my genitals."

Well today I am enjoying a quiet afternoon, in anticipation to a very busy period of weeks and months coming up at work. I even allowed myself to doze off for a while this afternoon.

I have decided to entitle this entry: "Irresistible, Irrepressible, and Proud." Let every guy take proud in his God given body. His penis is his best friend and buddy. He's irresistible in that many guys have found memories of what their penises can do for them, going back to their early boyhood years. I am so grateful for my own good buddy between my legs. It had been over a good two weeks since I jacked off. But early this morning after those weeks of abstinence, I woke up with an irresistible erection and a sweat ache in my groin that needed to be taken of. A guy's penis is his good buddy because he drops direct hints after weeks of abstinence that he needs to take care of his organ of procreation.

Irrepressible: Every guy gets a boner. But the question is how he should take care of his erection. Just find some quality time with your penis even if most days you have to fulfill the demands of your career, your bosses, and your workplace. Engage in sweet nothings and just let him take over. You will be richly rewarded. Your penis in many ways is your best teacher, even when you must be a gentlleman in a work-day-world demanding your bset efforts.

Proud. It is always glorious when you are of the male gender and your penis sports an erection. Just enjoy what your penis can do for you. He always shows you the proud way in being male.

Take care.


Oringer said...

Hello Thom: Nice series and commentary. Hope all is well at your job. Loved yoour series on you yourself in jockstraps and your mushroom glans. Best, Justin

Foreskinless said...

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