Sunday, September 28, 2008

A guy's natural cycles, rhythms, and urges

Hi guys,

Boy, am I horny today!!! I haven't jacked off since Saturday a week ago. I guess I am so busy like everybody else these days. My country, the United States, is undergoing tremendous change these days with our economic crisis. As President Bush said in a statement several days ago, the whole world is watching how we will resolve this serious problem. There are big changes afoot in my workplace these days. More are guaranteed to come. I made a quick and successful move to my new cubicle early last week. There are big changes at my parish church. Next Sunday there will be BIG celebrations as the new parish properties are dedicated. I have so much going on in my life that I am just content to attend Sunday mass and receive the Eucharist and nothing else.

All this change is overwhelming. So how does a man deal with change and stress in his life. He may, as I do, engage in a spiritual practice. He may engage in a sport. This morning I awoke at dawn and went to early mass at church. After church, I went to my favorite coffeehouse near Dupont Circle where I had breakfast. While there, I saw quite a few guys running and jogging outside on their Sunday morning routines. Many of them were wearing Under Armour. Yeah!!! It made me horny just seeing them. Many of them displayed the healthy male body in motion. Of course, it made me feel real good because I was wearing one of my trusty midnight blue UA Heatgear Full T-shirts. These T-shirts are essentially muscle shirts. These amazing T-shirts with moisture wicking properties of UA microfiber were among the first items that Kevin Blank, the founder of Under Armour, Inc., developed for wearing under football shoulder pads on the gridiron.

But all guys, especially as they get older, realize that their bodies have natural cycles and rhythms. This relates directly to their sexual expression. While a guy's cycle and rhythm as not so noticeable as a woman in her monthly ovulation and menstruation, her period, it is probably more subtle in a guy in a most concrete way. Every guy has sex on his mind. This is especially so from adolescence on. It reaches its peak in his late teens or early twenties and then gradually diminishes as a guy ages. Many teenage boys masturbate once a day, perhaps several times a day. Just the absolute thrill of the delight of jacking off causes him to do this. But then as a guy passes from his twenties into his thirty and forties the frequency of sexual expression lessens to every other day or two or three times a week. Finally it may be once a week or every other week. That has been my experience in life.

There are several other variables which may affect a guy's natural sexual cycle and rhythm, his sexual urge. First if he is married, the marriage may change over time which may affect the frequency of sexual intercourse. Second, there is the affect brought upon a guy through midlife crisis and transition. Finally, health issues may intrude upon or impair his sexual vitality. Also a crisis in his work life may affect adversely his enjoyment of sex. Such crises and adversities often the source of impotence in men.

But happy is the guy who negotiates successfully such hazards which I described above. He is truly fortunate in that life's battles and adversities have left his good health unscathed. Such has been my experience up to the present day. While I have never been a jock or a competent athlete, I have been blessed in recent years with a robust, vigorous, manly health.

I suppose, as a guy reaching his sixtieth year, I have a more or less a weekly cycle when it comes to being horny. In a recent post on my blog, I mention that I live for the weekend. Like so many Americans, I put my workplace out of my mind on weekends. When I can do this successfully, then I am truly happy. Then like so many Americans, I can enjoy the weekend, either by myself or with a friend or two. Yes, there is the solemn assembly of Sunday mass at church, but just as important for me are simple enjoyments in life then, such as an hour or two at the coffeehouse, or walking the streets here in Georgetown, with its natural, yet urban beauty.

From early spring to late fall, Georgetown is known for its gardens. All my life from my early youth in Litchfield, CT I have had a fondness for flowers of all types. Georgetown has also has rose gardens of various types. The rose has many varieties in its color, shape, and fragrance. But every rose blossom is unique.

The same is true with a guy's penis. Every guy is unique in his body, personality, and penis. Mostly every penis is attractive. How a guy uses his penis (in sex) enhances his sex appeal. But circumcision makes it much better.

However, one of the most enjoyable, simple things in life is sex. As a guy goes through life, as he pursues his career or work a full time job, thoughts of sex may be very far from his mind. But as each day passes, his testes are manufacturing spermatozoa and his other sex organs are manufacturing the components of cum. As each day passes, his testicles, seminal vesicles, and prostate have more of that full, taut feeling, which borders on the delicious, and his mind begins to think sexy thoughts. Finally he wakes up on the morning with erections that won't go down. It's like his penis is telling him, "Hey, let's go out and play today." For me, when I get this way, I get these horny thoughts and I have a tumescent penis and full testicles and prostate which flood my mind with sweet, delicious thoughts.

Such are what I am feeling today. Damn, I need to get my rocks off, I want it so bad!!!

Take care.

[Finally posted Sunday afternoon, October 12, 2008]

It is a quiet Sunday afternoon, this holiday weekend in honor of Christopher Columbus. Ever since writing the above paragraphs near the end of September, I have jacked off several times, but haven't had a chance to blog about it. Take care!

P.S. Before I end this post, some comments are in order for the pics added to this entry:

The first and third of the top most pics show guys in their rustic, outdoors garb. Both guys are wearing blue jeans, quintessential garments reminiscent of the Old West. The first guy has a fat circumcised erection jutting proudly from the button fly of his jeans. His circumcised penis is capped by a mushroom glans. The third guy has dropped his jeans to his thighs. Now doubt he's well built with a tight well-muscled butt and his pork missile aiming for skies, about to launch for some orifice, either a woman's vagina, a guy's anus, or a willing mouth eager to get him exquisite oral pleasure in fellatio. He too has a fat glans, but his scrotum is pristine, hairy. It is always awesome seeing the well-muscled butt of a stud in motion as he drives his penis home over and over again in a good fuck. You see this in good porno. The second guy is well-known gay model, Tom Florio, who appears to be an Italian American with a lithe athletic body which complements his three-piece set. His circumcised penis looks like it is ready to penetrate anything, including his fist.

More pics to illustrate what most guys enjoy doing to their bodies:

The first guy (whose name escapes me) is well-known to admirers of guys with beautifully hung pieces of hung circumcised meat. He has an awesome high and tight circumcision with a beautiful circ scar. His scrotum is tight and his bulbous mushroom glans is taut and plump. Now doubt he is on the verge of shooting a load of semen. But he is pensive in that pic, perhaps in sexual samadhi (absorption) riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. Likewise is the expression on Tom Florio's face in the bottom most pic as he is beating his meat. Love his sperm laden scrotum. But the young guy pictured is obviously in the agony and ecstacy of masturbation as it appears that he is heading towards a shattering climax, perhaps ready to shoot ropes of creamy semen all over his belly. Enjoy!

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