Thursday, December 25, 2008

Adoration, Luxuriation, Celebration

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Humans like most animals notice readily the interplay of light and darkness, first, daily through the interplay of night and day, dusk and dawn, and second, throughout the year with the change of seasons. We who live in the northern hemisphere notice readily the traveling of the sun throughout the year. From the winter solstice, we observe that the sun travels higher and higher in the sky until its highest point at the summer solstice when the days are the longest only return lower and lower in the sky to its lowest point at the winter solstice when the days are the shortest. In the southern hemisphere, all this is reversed. So at this time of year, darkness seems to have the upper hand with long nights and short days. So the peoples of the northern hemisphere at this time of year have had throughout history festivals of light to combat the deep darkness. The Jewish people have observed for centuries a festival of light called Hannukah. Christians have celebrated a festival of light in the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, with the Christ Child in the manger surrounded by Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, and the Magi. Along with this festival are Christmas trees with colored lights and tinsel.

The word adoration comes to mind at this time of year. For many Christians, heart-felt adoration of the Christ Child wells up and evokes memories going back to early childhood. But this goes far beyond to what our human ancestors have experienced for millennia in the sun and moon and the starry heavens at night. What could be more awe inspiring but to be out in the country or even more so in the desert at night and see millions of stars in the Milky Way. Astronomy has given us the telescope and so we can admire the beauty of galaxies, nebulae, and planets beyond compare. But we humans want so desperately to visit at close hand this heavenly objects and so the science of astronautics was born. Rocket engineers such as the late Wernher von Braun have inpired us their of dreams of exploration and discovery and so we can be reborn and dream again. The same is true with other visionaries in religion, government, education, and all this is good in the human experience.

Adoration is incarnated in the houses and temples of worship which humans have erected throughout history. Somehow as a Christian, I think of the great cathedrals in which liturgies of profound adoration are celebrated during Christmas. Many of these cathedrals are truly monumental and have stood the vicissitudes of time. The same is true of grand mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, Jewish synagogues and temples, and sacred houses of worship in other faith traditions. But nothing manmade can compare with the majesty found in nature, whether it be the cosmos above, and earthly wonders.

Somehow on this Christmas Night after worshipping at a famous basilica here, the scenic wonder of Yosemite National Park comes to mind. Its natural stone cathedrals of stone surpass anything humans could build:

[Continued December 26 in the evening]

Washington, DC, USA where I have lived more than thirty years is not without its charms in its cityscape and environs. In many ways, Washington, DC resembles ancient Rome in that it is also built upon several prominent hills and yet also reclaimed from a swamp as the Rome of Romulus and Remus, the Caesars, and more recently Roman Catholic Pontiffs. We here do have the alterations of the four seasons accompanied by spectacular weather phenomena, such as what happened during the last weekend of September 2008 when Congress approved legislation for the Wall Street financial bailout. We had changeable weather that weekend with dramatic cloud formations in the sky. It all came to a climax with a thunderstorm on Capitol Hill late Sunday afternoon:

It is true that humans resemble most other animals in their reaction to the length of daylight throughout the year. In the summertime, most people enjoy being outdoors. People enjoy summer activities of long walks, camping, and going swimming. When the days are the shortest, however, during the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere many people prefer being indoors, especially when the weather is cold and inclement. In a sense, quite a few people resemble bears in activities of semi-hibernation during the winter months. People enjoy the cozy warmth of their home, often with family and friends. In this way, we resemble bears who enjoy hunkering down in their dens for safety, protection, and intimacy with their own kind. Invariably lovemaking occurs.

Privacy and seclusion are both aids and perquisites for successful loving making sessions. Most couples prefer this and many masturbators as well. It is always wonderful and deeply fulfilling to all who participate in sex, both couples who engage in coitus and solitaries who indulge themselves in masturbation.

This is where the word, luxuriation, comes in. The masturbator with lots of time on his hands will luxuriate in his body as well as his genitals. For many devoted masturbators, this luxuriation goes far beyond than just "getting your rocks off." You are making love to your body when you masturbate. Interestingly enough, a guy's psyche and body join forces with his genitals, so much so that a guy's penis and testicles will love him back. Hence quite a few guys luxuriate their bodies when they jack off. Many guys who are experienced masturbators thus have an intimate relationship with their bodies in much the same way as accomplished athletes. Hence the guy who pleasures his body through masturbation is actually caring for his body on a deep level. This has many physical and psychological benefits.

Recently the gay porn star, Trent Davis, has released another series of pics displaying his beautiful body and awesome circumcised penis. Some of the pics show Trent in sexual bliss and ecstasy as he beats his meat. I hope posted some in this blog entry.

Finally masturbation provides excellent training for a guy in his sexual response. Many devoted male mastubators spend at least an hour, perhaps even a couple hours, for each session of masturbation, during which he learns to ride the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for long periods of time. Such guys become sex athletes in learning to achieve sexual marathons with their bodies. Such guys become proficient in lovemaking, truly loving their partners sexually, physically, even spiritually, bringing their partners to sexual ecstasy in orgasm repeatedly before joining their partners in orgasm and sharing their essence in the ejaculation of their semen! Now that is indeed a celebration that lovers will treasure.

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