Saturday, December 13, 2008

New job coming

Hi guys,

A big change has arrived in my life in the form of a new job. Last day for my old job is next Tuesday. The new job will begin December 22. I will be very busy the next few months learning the ropes of the new job. The new job requires background checks and application for a security clearance. A good buddy advised me to make this blog "invitation only". However, be prepared for this blog's disappearance at any time.

I leave you with a picture of Mark Wolff pleasuring himself on some stairs. It appears that Mark is totally into his body as well as his circumcised cock. Mark in the pic is the epitome of health.

Take care.


foreskinless said...

Mark can please me on the stairs anytime and anywhere he wants. R.

corioboy said...

Most pleasing to read your intelligent blog and the pure joys of masturbation of the circumcised penis .
Best wishes for your new job and thank you for the invite to your blog .

Skinless said...

Hope your new job is going OK without complications. If you get some more hunk photos, let me know. I nearly go crazy looking at them. Clipped, of course.

Cheers, R.