Friday, December 19, 2008

Exhaustion and Restoration

Hi guys,

As indicated in my last blog post, the last month or so has been a time of upheaval and change in my life. A new job presented itself, almost from heaven! My old job of thirty years ended for sure on Tuesday December 16. My new job begins next Monday December 22. On Wednesday December 17, I attended an employees' lunch hosted by my new boss in my honor. They are stellar, friendly people, all of them. Hence my new job holds great promise.

However, I had to work especially hard the last few weeks clearing up loose ends in the resolution of problems, even working many Saturdays and part of a Sunday, also going to my workplace to work even on scheduled vacation days. Plus the weather has been rotten lately, days of cold, rainy, and damp weather, which drains you of your resistance to illness, in my case, trying to stave off a sore throat.

What is a guy to do when faced with exhaustion??? Take it easy, withdraw into the privacy and comfort of home, even go to bed some. Luxuriate in simple things of life, e.g. rest, sleep, good food, and especially the comforts his body affords him. This is where restoration takes place. For many guys, this includes sex, whether it be coitus with a partner or self-pleasuring his body through masturbation.

Also when faced with big changes in life, such as a new job or a promotion, most guys exercise great discretion. A mature guy is truly in tune and league with his sexual side, i.e. a partnership that does not allow him to get into trouble. In my case, my RIC'ed good buddy between my legs and his two bros do not wish to get into trouble, or suffer a moral indiscretion. I agree. We are working hard together towards this end.

Now lets celebrate some:

The model's name is Doug Perry. He is a hunk who lives somewhere out west, perhaps in California. Notice his cowboy hat! His well-muscled brawniness would intrigue a Leonardo da Vinci or a Michelangelo who certainly use him as a subject for drawing, painting, or sculpting. This is the human male at his best in his nakedness, his birthday suit, a truly human animal out in the wilds, a part of nature.

In some ways, Doug's brawniness is accentuated by his back side, his well-muscled butt. Somehow I see his well-muscled posterior in motion as a fucks a woman's cunt, or face-fucks a guy's mouth, or plows a guy's ass. But I see the god Atlas in Doug Perry. It is truly glorious to see a man of sinew as Doug from behind as a faces beautiful natural vistas, as you see in the above two pics.

Photograph number four is awesome because it appears that Doug is perched between heaven and earth, his two feet firmly on the ground. And yes, he's wearing construction boots and socks as a he-man! However, I wonder what Renaissance artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, or even the German, Albrecht Durer, would think if they saw this picture. Doug's circumcised penis is erect, itself a pillar of strength! But remember, circumcision was hardly practiced in the Europe of that time, except among the Jewish people, or among the few Muslims who happened to live there.

Now the 'piece de resistance' of this blog entry is Doug all pumped up, well-muscled, perhaps even muscle-bound, proudly showing his biceps. But there is another muscle proudly showing, namely his fully erect, circumcised penis with flared glans. Yes, his pork missile is proudly launching from his loins, ready to fuck! Enjoy!

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