Friday, August 7, 2009

The Masturbatory Grip & Circumcision

Hi guys,

Horniness a few minutes ago hit me on the head like a brick when I perused just now the latest additions of circumcised hunks on Wayne Rogers' Circumcised Male Pictures Google Group. Wayne is an Aussie who with other posters to this group has a knack for finding the best models featuring circumcised tools between their legs. They are mostly from their college years to their 50's and 60's.

I am beginning to compose this blog post just after midnight Friday August 7. I will have to go to bed soon because I have to get up for work again in about five hours. Suffice it to say, a guy is often at his best when he is having sex with his partner, either fucking cunt, ass, or face, or with himself when he pleasures himself in masturbation, when he takes his cock into his hand and beats his meat, you know, gets his rocks off. While other animals masturbate, humans do it with flair. It has been said that, because humans are essentially bipedal creatures, they can easily look up into the heavens. Likewise human hands have so evolved in recent eons in that they can do many kinds of acts, perhaps the most important being able to craft tools. Human hands are also amazingly tactile and thus are amazingly sensitive instruments. Hence, human hands have a major role in making love, right up there with the human mouth with its facilities of licking, sucking, and kissing. Most human males, even from early boyhood, just love to take their penises into their hands and masturbate. The penis loves this attention from his owner. He swells up from the excitement, becomes hard, and erect. That is when most guys lay hold of their throbbing cocks in what is called the 'masturbatory grip'. That is when most guys engage in serious masturbation, known as beating their meat, or jacking off. That is when a guy and his rockhard penis engage in a serious, intimate partnership, of ever increasing waves of excitement and pleasure that leads to the ultimate cataclysmic orgasm and ejaculation of semen that brings delight, fulfillment, and satisfaction to the guy, a celebration of what maleness is all about. It is just as good or perhaps even better when a guy can share this sexual delight with his partner in sexual relations. But I wager that masturbation is so constituted in the human experience that both males and females as solitaries can experience an important part of life.

The circumcised guy utilizing the masturbatory grip accentuates or maximizes the best of male circumcision in that the circ is 'high and tight.' There is no foreskin to get in the way. The circumcised cock is rockhard and the circumcised glans is flared, turgid, an angry purplish red manifesting sexual passion. Often such a sexually excited glans is oozing drops or a steady stream of precum, clear pre-ejaculate from its meatus. Many guys have so much pre-ejaculate oozing that the entire glans is glistening with precum. This sight not only excites its owner but even those wishing to have sex with him. So a turgid, glistening glans, varying between a dark magenta and a maroon, depending on the race and ethnicity of a guy, serves as a primary source of sexual signaling to prospective sexual partners.

I have to get to bed now. But in a day or so I will add some pictorial examples of hot circumcised guys exhibiting the 'masturbatory grip' in the heat of sexual passion.

I leave you with this thought. Humans perhaps in distant millennia, certainly in the dawn of civilization, invented circumcision. But the human hand had to develop to the point that they could develop tools for circumcision, and adept hands at that, to circumcise the male penis delicately, carefully, and successfully. After all, circumcision is one of the oldest surgical operations performed by humans. Take care.

Late Friday night, December 18, 2009: Damn! A good five months have slipped by before I managed to post this blog entry. I have been so busy with my new job. But perhaps with the holidays arriving and the winter months following, I can post more entries, perhaps with more regularity. I hope perhaps during the blizzard this weekend to post pics to this entry. Take care!


Late Saturday morning December 19:

Rehi guys,

We here in Washington, DC, are socked in by a major blizzard which began 9 p.m. last night, but has picked in intensity after midnight. It's been snowing heavily since 8 a.m. this morning and keep up until early evening when it begins to taper off. The storm will end according the U.S. Weather Service until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. I had hoped to run some errands this morning, but won't venture forth until tomorrow.

As promised I have found copious examples of guys using the masturbatory grip while self-pleasuring themselves, often in the health of sexual passion!

I will now give a running commentary of the pics I have posted:

The first example below is one of my old-time favorites. He's probably not gripping his circumcised cock as he should. But I am sure he had been beating his meat for several minutes until he reached the point of ejaculatory inevitability during which his balls are churning, his prostate is turgid with sweet anticipation, and his dick is throbbing with excitement. He knows it feels so good, yet he holds off. That is known as edging, riding the surf of ejaculatory inevitability. His glans is flared, a delectable mushroom to cockhounds. And if I were him, I would be oozing lots of precum!

The next pic is vintage, probably taken from a gay fuck flick in the late 1970's. He's playing an athlete who is getting some relief in the locker room after a game. And yeah, he is jacking off in a jockstrap.

Another of my most favorite vintage pics taken from Honcho Magazine in the early 1980's. The masturbatory grip simulates what goes on in the in and out motion when a guy fucks a vagina, a mouth, or an ass during sex. But many guys also like to hold or even grip their testicles when they masturbate.

The next guy probably is not masturbating. He's just holding his cock which loves the attention by producing an erection and a flared mushroom glans.

Likewise the next example. This guy is holding his cock firmly with his thumb and first finger. His last three fingers are massaging his balls which in turn gives him rockhard erection. I just love his flared doubled-lobed glans with a groove running from his "sweet" spot where his frenulum used to be to his meatus. Hot!

The hot stud below is a guy I have posted in an earlier entry. You can tell he's intent on beating his meat because of his tight masturbatory grip. He also like he he stimulating his butthole.

The next jacker looks like he's stroking away and he's exibiting a nice high and tight circ. His doubled lobed glans is not so noticeable because his fren has been excised. I wish my tongue were lavering his "sweet" spot right now.

The next stud is stroking a large piece of meat surmounted by a beautiful glans. Wish he were fucking my face right now!

Many guys also enjoy stimulating their glans with the classical masturbatory grip. It certainly makes the glans feel real good, perhaps too good, in triggering orgasm and ejaculation of semen. Perhaps the guy below just wants a quickie.

What masturbation can do in bringing out the clean-cut qualities of the circumcised penis. The guy below has an normal sized endowment, but his circed cock is thick and his bulbous glans looks like a mouthful.

I am not sure if the next example is vintage B&W, but just look how the "grip" produces delectable flared mushroom glans complete with an intact frenulum. Wish my tongue were lavering and strumming his fren!

An ordinary Joe, probably college-aged, stroking his circed meat. Not only is he a sporting an erection with a flared glans, but his testicles are in on the action!

Many guys just love to hold their cocks. Just play with themselves. Most guys may have this special time with what them makes them male perhaps once a day, certainly on the weekends if the responsibilities of job, family, or religious services are onerous. For most guys this is a very special time because this form of sexual play serves as a check up. Also for many masturbators, masturbation serves as a meditation for a male and his body and even his psyche. But guys with normal sexual drives and appetites have horniness which builds up which a good fuck or jacking off can relieve. The guy below is nevertheless really into his circed cock and balls.

Another average below Joe with an average endowment that is nevertheless stunningly beautiful when he strokes his cock.

The hunk in the football jersey is certainly beating away.

The next five pics show one of my most favorite guys, Aaron Meister, doing what does the most: Jacking off. He used to have a large selection of pics on one of JimBobs groups which sadly disappeared two-three years ago. Not only was Aaron thoroughly into masturbation but also used jocks, cups, and Munsingwear briefs as masturbatory aids and turnons. His circumcised cock and mushroom glans were so similar to my own. I will post more of this stud later on.

Next is an African-American guys using the masturbatory grip in showing off his shiny, turgid glans. Looks like he's really into the action!

The next guy is using an unusual back-handed grip in showing off not only his thick circumcised cock and glans, but also his pronounced cumtube on the underside. Hot!

The end game of the action in what masturbation can do for a guy. Most devoted masturbators look back with everlasting fondness on that very first masturbation session which produced an orgasm with ejaculation of semen! Quite often a male may discover the pleasures of masturbation by accident, perhaps with the aid of another male. So devoted masturbators look forward to each special time in which he can enjoy what his genitals can do for him. Enjoy!


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