Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sweet RIC'ed dalliance

Hi guys,

This is my first blog post for 2010. I have been tremendously busy since taking my present job in late 2008, so much so that now I spend only an hour or two on the Internet when I come home from work on week nights. I spend much more time here on weekends. Likewise I like to have a date with my RIC'ed penis at least once a week, usually again early Saturday mornings at a time when I am farthest away from the cares of a workaday life.

My RIC'ed penis yearns for these sessions and he savors them. I give him all the loving he so richly deserves and so he loves me back. I call these sessions Sweet RIC'ed dalliance. Every red-blooded guy on the planet, if he isn't put off by masturbation, has sweet dalliance with his penis, a relationship of love and passion that goes back to his early years. [written Jan. 23, 2010]


[Friday April 9, 2010, very late p.m.]

It's hard to believe that nearly three months have flown by since writing the two paragraphs above. I apologize for the long silence and the incomplete post. Most workday evening I come home. I may read my e-mail and surf the Net for an hour or two. But my mind shuts down and is incapable of any creative work. I finally have to go to bed. The weekend comes. More than often than not I have to run errands several hours Saturday mornings and go to church on Sundays. The only time I have to myself are Saturday afternoons and nights, a good eighteen hours.

It's interesting to note that humans have rhythms and cycles like other living creatures. We live our lives out of the forces of nature, e.g. day and night, the changes of the seasons, the flow and ebb of life. A woman has her monthly cycle of ovulation and menstruation. Guys also have an ebb and flow of sexual forces in their bodies and minds. It is not as obvious as a woman's period, but it is there. Guys have sexual urges; they easily get horny. From puberty onward, a male's body is flooded by testosterone and other sex hormones. At the same time, from puberty on, a guy's testicles are constantly manufacturing spermatozoa which are transported to the ampulla next to the seminal vesicles where the ingredients of seminal fluids are also constantly manufactured. A guy's sperm and seminal fluid build up to the point that both must be expelled from his body. There are three methods for this: (1) sexual intercourse, (2) masturbation, and (3) nocturnal seminal emissions. This is in essence a guy's sexual rhythm, somewhat analogous to a woman's monthly ovulation. Human males past puberty can have sex anytime, but a guy can get sexy thoughts of an acute nature if the above three options do not occur. He's horny, he has sex on his mind, he wants to fuck, or he can beat his meat and jack off. Or if the first two do not happen, he may have a "wet" dream, an erotic dream, during which he has a nocturnal seminal emission.

I leave you with wikipedia articles to peruse on the functions of the Epididymis and the Seminal Vesicles in the formation of sperm, seminal fluid, and ultimately semen, commonly known as cum:

Written on Saturday afternoon:

When a guy is horny, his hormones may take over, that is to say that his cock may want immediate attention. Routine Infant Circumcision [RIC] for neonatal males gained popularity here in the USA in the closing decades of the nineteenth century as a surgical procedure to lessen the prevalence of masturbation in males. Pediatricians in those years believed that circumcision deadened sensitivity in the penis, especially the glans. There is a truism that an unfurled uncircumcised glans is supersensitive. That may be so. But every red-blooded male, circumcised and uncircumcised, with a functioning penis and testicles has sexual equipment ready to go. His erect pork missile armed with a mushroom warhead is on the pad ready for launching. It is always wonderful to see a sex-up guy with an erection rearing to go. Look at the example below:

The picture above is one of the most beautiful circumcised erections I have seen! The owner of this boner is most likely a circed male in his prime and certainly in perfect health. The meatus of his circumcised, mushroom glans is oozing a copious stream of clear precum, pre-ejaculate fluid. It is quite clear that he is rearing to go sexually in that pic. Read the wikipedia article on pre-ejaculate [precum] for more information.

It is always a challenge for a guy to control himself when he is horny. Such control comes with experience and age. It is said that older guys has this self-control which comes from knowledge of what their penises can do for them. I'll expand upon these thoughts at a later date. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Beautiful pic of that hard, dripping circumcised rod. Seeing it makes my own tightly RICircumcised cock throb.

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