Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweet dalliance cont. (A very sweet memory)

Hi guys,

Continuing the stream of thought of my previous post, published a couple hours ago, we need to define the word 'dalliance.' In a quick survey of web pages relative to this word on Internet today, 'dalliance' can mean either a fleeting sexual liaison, such as a 'one-night stand' or a form of procrastination, such as in the phrase, 'dilly dallying.'

The word 'dalliance' also has an archaic meaning, 'flirtation.' This is much a more positive meaning.

My idea of 'dalliance' is spending quality time with an old love, or perhaps even a new love, but it is quality time of undivided attention to a sweet-heart, whether heterosexual or same sex, or it could be focused upon your own person, especially upon your own body, specifically upon your sexual organs :-) At the risk of offending the female and fair sex, I say with conviction that males, because of their sexual make-up, focus more surely upon their own bodies, specifically upon their penis, so constituted by the Creator, as not only the organ of procreation but also the organ of pleasure, perhaps much more so than the clitoris of the female body. Circumcision in most cases produces a permanently exposed glans penis, which is fully accessible, to its owner, especially one who is a devoted masturbator. The devoted circed masturbator will naturally spend quality time exploring the tactile sensations found in his circumcised penis, e.g the flange or rim of the glans, the frenulear area [frenulum, if he still has one] under his cockhead, and the various degrees of sensation flowing through his cock, balls, and prostate when he beats his meat.

Wearing a jockstrap, and even an athletic cup combo, is a great way for males to get in touch with sexual feelings coursing through their bodies. A jock/cup fetishist, such as myself, or as a good buddy of mine says, one who has a jock lover dedication, encounters such feelings in his very first jockstrap, the one he wears in his very first gym activities or sports.

Now Adams USA is one of the few jock manufacturers that make its products in the old-fashioned way which aims for quality and durability. BIKE Athletic used to have this work culture until it was seduced by the newer technologies and the global market in the early 1990's. From then on, its quality went down hill.

Get a load of the three above pics showing the weave of the jock pouch of older BIKE jocks. One of them is even sporting an erection, a natural reaction! :-)

Next comes a long series of pics of circumcised stud, Aaron Meister, who had a large spread of pics of his jock/cup, underwear fetish on JimBob's groups on World Groups, but sadly disappeared several years ago.

Aaron is totally into his circumcised cock, even as he is into his jocks and cups. I love how he jacks off and jizzes. Hot!!!

It is quite possible to order Adams jocks and cups in bulk from Hit! Run! Score! in Plano, TX and Epic Sports in Kansas. Both sporting goods stores have great service.

Next come two burly guys wearing cup jocks with snap enclosures on their jock pouches. One wears a traditional flat cup and the other, possibly a modified banana cup with a thick rubber gasket.
Epic Sports has increased its selection of jock/cup brands to include Markwort, Champion, Champro, All Star, etc. The Champro Athletic Supporter with hard tuck under banana cup is my latest discovery. I got it a few days ago from Epic Sports. The tuck under section of the cup massages my perineum even as the jock pouch massages the "sweet spot" underneath my cockhead. Wearing this combo to bed for a night of subtle "sweet" torture is a night of erotic delights!

Now I am waiting eagerly the arrival of several Champion Deluxe Cup and Supporter units and several Champion All Sports jocks from Epic Sports, just to see what they are like.

I say good night [or good Sunday morning] with five pics just above of five guys featuring the BIKE CUP. Saturday marked the twenty-fourth anniversary of my getting this jock/cup combo the very first time on this date. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Love those pics of Aaron Meister's tightly circumcised cock, with such a huge flared permanently exposed mushroom head! just beautiful. makes my own neo-natal circumcised cock rock hard and leaking precum -johnny

Anonymous said...

When do you think you first found yourself turned on by cut guys? Not guys in general...but specifically the fact that they're cut, etc...

blueneonz said...

Love all the hot photos man !