Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sexual sweetness

Hi guys,

Boy, am I horny!!! As a red-blooded RIC'ed Baby Boomer American male (now at age 61), I am a responsible U.S. citizen who goes to work Monday through Friday and pays his taxes. Holding a job and adhering to a work schedule is a good thing. You're in the American work force and do what citizenship requires you to do. It is a good thing to come home every evening after work tired, prepare supper, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Many people when they reach adulthood enter marriage or a committed relationship, set up households, and hopefully embark upon an intimate companionship that lasts a lifetime. Intimacy comes in many forms, often without sexual congress. But there is a sexual vibrancy, often in subtle nuances, but there is there! Many couples hopefully look forward to coitus, lovemaking sessions which occur once a week, perhaps several times a week.

So it is with a man and his cock. Male babies have been observed popping erections. So with the male, intimacy with his penis and scrotum, begins at an early age. He loves touching his young penis, seeing how it grows hard in a proud erection, and suffuses his body with sexual sweetness.
He discovers, perhaps is taught by another male, how to produce sexual pleasure, sexual sweetness, by holding and grasping his penis in his hand and stroking it. He learns very soon the masturbatory grip, which is the physical essence of masturbation.

The glories of male circumcision is that this perhaps most ancient of surgeries "cuts around and off" the foreskin from the glans penis. So a "diamond in the rough" through chiseling becomes a finely wrought "diamond that sparkles in the light." So it is with a circumcised penis.

This morning as I type this entry my RIC'ed penis is erect, pulsating anticipatingly the loving that I am going to give him. He's giving me a proud salute. He wants the loving so bad. So do I. But today I am go about my activities in a leisurely manner and get back to our serious date later on. It is 7:10 a.m. when I am typing this.

Saturday July 3 (July Fourth Holiday Weekend)

In celebration of this holiday weekend during which we in the USA celebrate the birth of our nation, I had some fireworks of my own. I woke up early as I often do even on weekends, today at 5:15 a.m. The dawn of a coming glorious summer day was spectacular. I slipped on one of my new Champion Sports jockstraps, a men's medium. This athletic supporter has a soft, sleek rayon pouch which caressed my pulsating glans. I couldn't help myself. I had to take off the jock and jack off. I was rewarded by a sweet orgasm with a creamy ejaculation of semen! Take care.


blueneonz said...

MMMM... Love your blog dude. I really like cut guys too. What a turn on. I am also cut, and belong to a group you are in. I am 52 GWM smooth, and always horney for cut cock. lol I live in Front Royal, VA not to far from D.C. Email me back and I'll send you a few photos of my cut cock for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say I think it's really hot that you're 61 and I'm 23 and what do we both have in common? A nice tight all-American routine circumcision. I love being cut, and I love seeing other guys who are cut like me. Glad your generation kept it alive and well, passing it on to my own father who made sure I was circumcised nice and tight right after I was born.
Write more, man! This is a great blog.

Anonymous said...

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