Saturday, May 19, 2012

What hath God wrought?

"What hath God wrought?" So asked Samuel Morse when he inaugurated the first telegraph transmission between Baltimore and Washington, DC on May 24, 1844!

"What hath God wrought?" They are the words of a RIC'ed baby boomer who is trying to reconnect with his penis and testicles in a real and living way by blogging about it here and two other sites on the Internet.

"What hath God wrought?" These words break a silence of close to two years when there was an absence of blog entries. From early November 2009 to early January 2011 was a hellish time for this writer when his professional library job at an international financial organization went to hell. Then came months of unemployment and demoralizing idleness until just several months when he began two volunteering opportunities. Now he is entering into a time of great hope when new opportunities of gainful employment are presenting themselves.

The writer, a gay male of 63 years, still in vibrant, robust health, is sitting in his apartment buck naked in nothing but a last generation BIKE no. 10 jockstrap. But he is going to save this portion for now as he has some important errands to run for a Saturday morning and to attempt an experiment. More later.

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