Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Great Experiment

Hi guys,

Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, coined the expression, The Great Experiment, to describe the early years of the American Republic following the War of Independence, when the Thirteen Original Colonies of the U.S., threw off the shackles of despotism from the old country, Great Britain and the British Monarchy, and established a new nation. It took at least two decades for the establish of a federal constitution and government which was eventually established in the Federal City, Washington, DC, on the banks of the Potomac. I am composing this blog entry in my apartment here in Georgetown, one of the oldest parts of the District. My apartment is a good half mile or more from the broad Potomac.

But I am talking about an experiment completely unrelated to American history and government. The Great Experiment which I am referring is what is protecting the shrine of my manhood between my legs right now.

A week ago, with my first blog entry in almost two years, I was referring to the BIKE no. 10 jockstrap and its jock pouch become moist with my precum. But whatever erection I had in my BIKE jock had become wilted as I struggled with Google Blogger first to get access to my account and then to post an entry! To manage all this is tantamount to navigating a veritable maze! And somehow, Google has become slow as molasses!

So after posting last Saturday morning's entry, I managed to bathe, shave, and dress. Saturday mornings that's when I shave my balls. My scrotum as about to experience a treat then. First I donned a pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs. Then I slipped a men's large BIKE no. 10 jock over the briefs, and in the jock pouch I slipped a Mongo Nutty Buddy Cup. The combo is arranged in this order: briefs, Nutty Buddy, jockstrap.

You see, Nutty Buddy, Inc. began marketing its athletic cups over their web site early March 2007. I was one of the first customers to order a couple Mongos, which sat pretty much unused in my dresser drawer for a good five years. That is until last Saturday morning when I began wearing my Nutty Buddy in earnest.

I discovered that I can wear this amazing athletic cup for hours from morning to night, even overnight to bed!
The feeling is awesome! This cup floats over my junk with my every movement! The Nutty Buddy Mongo makes a HUGE bulge in a camo cargo shorts! It is a great athletic cup to do the Kegel Exercises in sitting or even standing! In a way, what I am doing right now is a subtle form of masturbation!

A few days ago I wrote the account manager of Battle Sports Science, the company which now sells Nutty Buddy products how I could wear this cup for hours and still be comfortable. He immediately wrote back expressing profuse thanks for my e-mail. He said he had circulated my e-mail among his co-workers and sent it to Senior Management. He also encouraged me to spread by word of mouth the Nutty Buddy!

One other thing: Pit stops! Like a car on the Indy 500, I too have to take occasional pit stops when responding to a call of nature. When I am in a public men's restroom, I always seek a bathroom stall with this outfit on. First I open my cargo shorts or jeans and let them fall to the floor. Then I take out my Mongo and lay it on the toilet or sink and finally pull my jock and briefs down to my thighs to take a leak. The Mongo Nutty Buddy Cup is HUGE lying there. It says to me, "Hey, I am protecting you where it counts!" But there is going to be a time when I can't find such privacy. I may find myself at a row of urinals with men taking their leak as I do the temporary disrobing and laying this athletic cup on the floor close to me. Some men may be puzzled at this object on the floor. But many others who have played sports will recognize that it is a protective cup. A couple may ask me what brand or make it is. Then I can make my sales pitch for the Nutty Buddy Cup! A bate buddy a couple days ago said this would be very bold :-)

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