Sunday, June 3, 2012

The virtues of journaling

Hi guys,

During the last week, I have continued to bond with the Nutty Buddy Cup in both its Mongo (XL) and Trophy (L) sizes. The sizing of this amazing athletic cup as I said in previous posts is calibrated to a guy's height and weight. Most adult guys either wear the Trophy or the Mongo. Apparently Nutty Buddy, Inc. had heard feedback from athletes and men who wear a cup for daily work that a new cup size was needed. They felt that the Mongo was a little too large. So Nutty Buddy, Inc. came out with the Trophy (L) in a little smaller size. Early in April just past, I ordered two of the Trophy. I wear that size occasionally like this morning during my morning outing for breakfast at my favorite coffeehouse near Dupont Circle. The Trophy fits me better, so much I feel I have it on. But it is there, all the same, protecting and supporting my male equipment. It is there, The Trophy, doing its job, so much so that I cannot deny it!

Yet I prefer the Mongo Nutty Buddy Cup. It has a more aggressive, yet comfortable feel protecting and supporting my good buddy and his two bros! They sing for joy reveling in the feel of this HUGE athletic cup which produces a BULGE in my camo cargo shorts. I have discovered during my couple weeks bonding with the Nutty Buddy that in its floating over my junk, it's like a hand is manhandling my best assets in a most living way. This athletic cup was designed to conform to the male genitals in a most special way.

OK, this is my blog entry on one of my favorite subjects: jocks, cups, masturbation, sex, etc.!

One of the advantages of blogging on the Internet is that one can journal easily online, often in a free association kind of way. The disadvantage is that your entries will be read and perused by EVERYBODY on Net, and most particularly here in the USA by various federal government agencies for security reasons. Yes, sadly because of the events of September 11, 2001, national authorities both here in the USA and abroad are concerned about national security and surveillance. So hence it is good to exercise caution in posting everything you post to the Internet.

Thus one can revert to Pre-Internet days, certainly before personal computers, when one would take a large notebook as a vehicle for recording one's daily happenings and thoughts. All great people have kept journals. Mormons have kept diaries and journals since the founding of their church about 1830.

This I attend to do in the privacy of my apartment every day, all the way blogging here on Google and various groups on the Net of which I am a member. Take care!

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