Thursday, February 7, 2008

My circed buddy shows me the way

Hi guys,

I am in the thick of things these days at work, so I can post only occasionally. I was so distracted by events at work that jacking off is furthest from my mind. But my RIC'ed buddy between my legs shows me the way in unexpected ways here in the sanctuary of my apartment.

A few days ago, I was viewing e-mails from the Yahoo group Circumcised_guys. A guy forwarded to that group a pic from another Yahoo group. It showed a youngish guy on his back sporting a rockhard circumcised erection about to get fucked by another guy. The fuckee was on his back in the back of a pickup truck and the fucker had a nice circed boner albeit sheathed in a condom. It's wonderful to see both partners horned up for some serious fucking, as only two guys can do!

Well my RIC'ed penis went Boing! when I saw that hot pic. So I slipped on one of my new GO Softwear Suspensory jockstraps. My throbbing RIC'ed erection slipped through the hole of the suspensory jockpouch and over it I wore a new pair of one my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. I was getting hotter and hotter as I did this.

There is something irresistible about having sex when you have denied yourself of one of the most basic of male pleasures in life for so long. Your penis is sporting rockhard erection, throbbing with excitement. Your testicles are elevated rearing to go in male sexual response. But most of all, your prostate and seminal vesicles where most of the sperm and seminal fluid is stored to capacity. It just takes the spark of sexual excitement to get the process going. I had another of those delicious erections. Every touch to my glans and penile shaft felt absolutely good. Needless to say I masturbated my RIC'ed cock to a shattering climax in 10/15 minutes flat, a sweet throbbing orgasm and copious ejaculation of thick, creamy semen. It felt so good, just like the heady days of adolescence.

I am at it again tonight. Long live circumcised penis. Long live male masturbation. Both conquer the vicissitudes and sorrows of life!

Thom. in DC

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