Saturday, February 16, 2008

Serious love making

Hi guys,

The male who is intent on masturbation focuses on his penis. He focuses on the intimate friendship he has with his one-eyed buddy between his legs. It is interesting to note that the penis is a miniature version of a man's body. A man's penis certainly doesn't have legs and arms, but it seems to sprout from a guy's crotch. Indeed the base of a guy's penis is called a root where the ejaculatory bulb, Cowper's gland, prostate, seminal vesicles are located. Of course, we can't forget a guy's testicles so necessary for manufacture of his sperm and male hormones. It is absolutely beautiful to see a guy's flaccid penis hanging in repose over his scrotum. But even more majestic to observe his penis in proud erection.

While one may admire the raw beauty of a guy's uncircumcised penis, in which his foreskin covers his glans, and while it is generally an erotic sight to see his uncut glans unfurled, more so circumcision enhances the cleancut appearance of the male penis. In most circumcised males, the glans is very much the head of the penis. Here you can see clearly the one-eyed glans, the piss/cumslit, or meatus, often oozing viscous precum during sexual excitement.

With all these thoughts in mind, you and your one-eyed buddy enter into sweet communion and fellowship in masturbation, just as I am doing right now tonight. I am wearing one of my GO Softwear Suspensory jocks and a new pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs with my semi-erect penis hanging out of both articles of clothing. I am well along to orgasmic, thick, creamy ejaculatory sweetness in my lovemaking.

Take care.

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