Thursday, February 28, 2008

Celebration!!! Circed male celebration

Hi guys,

Today two months of waiting ended with a good, solid evaluation from my supervisor. Now I can get back to enjoying life again. It is still in the dead of winter with below than normal temperatures. But the days are getting longer and Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck are once again conducting a daily courtship ritual in the central courtyard lily pond here.

What do guys do when they have passed a severe test in life, whether it be a job performance evaluation, or returning in victory from war, or having played a good, solid game??? Well many guys celebrate by having sex. A good fuck or a long, sweet and earnest masturbation session makes a guy glad he's a man!

That is how it is with me tonight. I came away from the meeting this morning relieved, a big load taken off my shoulders, and once again I can laugh. My RIC'ed penis and his two bros want in the celebration. And tonight I finally got an order of one dozen C-IN2 jockstraps ordered early December from Hisroom: 4 medium white jocks and 8 medium gray jocks. My RIC'ed one-eye buddy is throbbing in delight jutting out of both a GO Softwear suspensory jock and a Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. I am teasing him right now. He revels in the attention I am giving him and wants more and more loving. I am going to give it to him with a slow teasing love.

Take care guys

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