Saturday, February 16, 2008

Virgin jocks and cups II

Hi guys,

On Tuesday January 29, 2008, I wrote:

"Every true jock/cup fetishist feels a rush whenever he gets a new jockstrap or jock with cup and puts it on for the first time. I suppose it is similar to going to bed with somebody for the first time. Your genitals fill out a supporter. In most cases, it is a delightful experience."

When I was younger and friskier here in DC, I used to go on jock and cup buying expeditions, mostly out in the 'burbs, because that was where most sporting goods stores of sufficient size were located with a varied and well-stocked inventory. I even ordered jocks and cups a few times in bulk. Such buying expeditions fueled my jock-cup fetish.

There is something about a new store bought jock and cup in their virginal state that is irresistible. I become a horndog burning with lust with such quintessential male articles at my side. When I was younger, I used to get throbbing erections that would ooze precum in my pants when approaching a large jock/cup display in a sporting goods store. Certainly this excitement would intensified to a throbbing rush in my head, perhaps a blush, as a sales clerk receives payment for my merchandise at the cash register. But even better to slip on a new jock and cup and feel my genitals settling in. It is similar to virginal sex, break in the new jock and cup.

Such is the delicious, sweet sensations I feel tonight with a new Grey-Nichols (baseball) Abdo-Guard in the pouch of a virgin All-Star men's large cup jock. This cup is awesome: a large, roomy and deep contoured banana cup that can accommodate well-endowed guys both penis and testicles. I have been savoring how this combo is caressing my three-piece. In a sense, it is a form of foreplay. I think I will wear this combo to bed tonight, but not before I get down to some serious lovemaking :-)

Take care.

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