Saturday, March 8, 2008

A hot, hairy, flanneled and circed stud

Hi guys,

Tonight I am posting a pic entitled "Home Page Hottie" in the Hairy Circumcised Guys Google group. He is 1980's vintage, a hairy circumcised guy wearing a red flannel shirt opened to show his hairiness. And his circumcised erection! High and tight circ with a Gomco scar a good two/three inches from his mushroom glans. I believe he was featured in Honco Magazine sometime in the early 1980's. That was when most gay porn stars and models were circumcised. I remember the hours of sheer delight beating off while admiring these studs almost every day. Enjoy!

Thom. in DC

P.S. I forgot to mention that this hottie also sports a beautiful mustache. That is why he is so kissable. He looks somber in the photo, but his mustache adds to his smoldering sexuality. I believe that it was Freud who said that facial hair on men reminded him of their genital areas. Freud had sex on his mind. That is why his psychoanalytic theories were so scandalous to the still Victorian Viennese of his time. But boy! What a combination. A thick 'stache and beard; hairy pecs, abs, and thighs; a thick public bush and proud genitals on a man! All man! Hot!

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