Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hot high & tight inner foreskin circs

Hi guys,

My RIC'ed penis and accompanying sexual apparatus is cocked and ready this morning. Another week has gone by and once I am horny and randy!!!

Actually last Saturday morning I didn't get a chance to post to this blog because my circed penis was insistent for some action. There is that same sort of insistence this morning. But I want to add to this entry two pics of guys who received high and tight circumcisions with much of their inner foreskin showing. Inner foreskin is the area from the glans to the circumcision scar. In most guys, the circumcision scar is generally an inch or so from the glans, but in some guys a good three inches down the shaft of their erect penis.

The first guy is a classic example of a high and tight circumcision. His circumcision scar is halfway down the shaft of his awesomely thick shaft of his erect penis. He is lying on his backside with his butthole facing the camera and his erection in the twelve o'clock position. His frenulum has been excised. And his glans! Thick, flared. Wish my tongue and lips were lathering his glans, tongue fucking his meatus, but going down on his pork missile!

The second appears to be in his twenties or early thirties, in excellent, robust health, judging by his pork missile in proud salute, aiming for the skies.

Wish you all could see my RIC'ed pork missile. Ready for launch. Cannon loaded ready to fire its manly load of semen!


Tightcirc said...

I've been circumcised high and tight and I really enjoy it. I love having my tightly stretched inner foreskin fondled when I'm very hard and I love to fondle others too. I find the smothness of the inner foreskin really voluptuous.

Like you, I like toungue fucking a tightly circumcised meatus and having mine fucked too. I also like to suck around a guy's tight circumcision and having my circumcision sucked drives me wild. Rubbing circumcisions togther (frottage)is really great too. I love a really good 'Frottfuck'. Rub them together till they squirt.

I like guys to see that not only I've been circumcised but that I've been tightly circumcised. My circumcision is completely bare even when soft.

Thom in DC said...

Hi tightcirc,

Please forgive me for my very tardy reply to your comment.

There is something always miraculous that one finds in almost circumcised penis. Humans have performed circumcision upon the male sex since mists of civilization, if not before.

I salute you for your high & circ. Were you RIC'ed or circumcised at an older age?

I am a typical American baby boomer who was RIC'ed in 1949. My circumcision is fairly loose when my penis is flaccid, but the skin does not over my glans at all. But I just love my RIC'ed penis in all its erect beauty. My proud one-eyed buddy demonstrates every time that I am a typical clean cut All-American male in the penis department. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet you both, Thom and Tightcirc. I would love to give and receive tongue action on our tight, taut circumcised dicks. Justin

Thom in DC said...

That would be enjoyable, Justin, and I am sure the three of us would love to see and feel the sexual climax we all would experience. Thom.

Johnny said...

That's hot, gentlemen. I love frottage, too. The feeling of my circumcised cock joined against another man's cut cock; our pulsated dick heads and circumcision scars driven against each other...

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