Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring's timid appearance

Hi guys,

In thirty minutes here, we will pass from the month of March into April. We have had the last few weeks colder than normal weather which has delayed somewhat the appearance of spring here in our nation's capital. Early Saturday morning I spent several hours admiring the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in the early morning sunshine, but it was COLD. The daffodils and tulips are blossoming and the trees are budding, but we have had so far few balmy days.

Yesterday I observed my birthday. Since then I have had annoying impressions of my getting old, I mean, really old. Such realizations are antithetical to this blog. Fortunately I still have my vigorous, manly health reflected in my long, athletic walks about the city.

I have said in earlier blog entries that masturbation helps a guy stay young. There is nothing so wonderful or beautiful but to take time with your penis. He loves the attention, every appreciative and admiring glance, every stroke, even in foreplay. I love the expression, "playing with yourself." Playing with yourself if done leisurely with mindfulness is always fun and pleasurable. And pleasure begets more pleasure, especially if you are playing with your cock. Your one-eyed buddy gives you an excited erect salute. Your glans meatus oozes viscous precum that has a delicious burning sensation that is localized in the G-spot of your excised frenulum, but runs down the cumtube of the shaft of your penis and ends up in the root or bulb of your penis where the prostate is located.

My RIC'ed penis just loves and eats up this talk. He wants more affection. God, he's a pork missile ready for launch. Damn, the pump action rifle between my legs is cocked and ready to shoot volleys of cum, impregnating semen! And just now, it happened. Take care, guys.

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