Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The circumcised glans & "sexual expectancy"

Hi guys,

It is an early Tuesday morning about 90 minutes before I have to go to work. Fall has arrived here finally. Early this morning management turned on the heat in our apartments. Love these cool, crisp mornings. Somehow with this kind of weather and shortening days, I get real horny. It happens every fall. Major League Baseball teams, the boys of summer, are heading towards the end of their season with the World Series coming about the middle of the month. The football season is in fall swing, with youth teams, high school teams, college teams, and pro teams competing every weekend.

When a guy is horny, he feels sexual tension in his genitals. A sexual vibrancy suffuses his body, even his consciousness. When this happens, he experiences an erection. If he is really turned on and horny, this sexual vibrancy is a current which pervades his sexual apparatus from the glans, down the shaft of his penis, and ends up in his testicles and the root of his cock, namely his prostate and associated organs. This sexual vibrancy or current adds to a guy's horniness in that it is so pleasurable. When a guy feels this way, he is truly horny, he wants to masturbate, jack off, beat his meat. He wants to engage in sexual intercourse, he wants to fuck.

Many guys from their earliest years develop an intimate connection with their penis. That is the beginning of penis consciousness, which to most males is part and parcel of being masculine. The growth of penis consciousness in the male finds its fruition in adolescence and its full maturity as a guy enters full maturity in his late teens or early twenties. Mostly every male has the equipment for this consciousness, but it is circumcision that enhances the appearance and function of the male penis.

[Continued Sunday afternoon, October 12, 2008]

What I am focusing upon in this blog entry is what I call sexual expectancy. Most males as I described above have a sexual consciousness from their earliest years, but finds its first fruition in the heady years of adolescence when their bodies blossom in truly masculine appearance and mature sexual consciousness as a young man. Of course, this sexual consciousness and expression needs more years of maturation until full sexual maturity at age 21 and the years beyond. Most guys look upon their pubescent and adolescent years which great affection and gratitude with those irresistible and irrepressible erections which delivered to them the delicious sensation that comes through masturbation. But it is those first orgasms, especially that very first one with ejaculation of semen which for many guys signal the entrance into the spring time of mature manhood, the memory of which is ever sweet and lives in guys truly in touch with their bodies.

A guy when he is sexually aroused and really horny not only experiences an erection, a boner, or a hardon but also the oozing of pre-cum from the meatus (piss/cum slit) which is a clear, viscous fluid secreted by his Cowper's gland designed to neutralize the acids left behind by his urine so as not to harm the spermatozoa in his semen. Pre-cum over a guy's glans also enables him to insert his penis easily into a woman's vagina. Likewise women have similar excletory called Bartholin's glands located near the entrance of their vagina's to facilitate this entry for coitus:

Bartolin's Glands

Now an experienced lover gets his partner sexually hot through various types of foreplay. Such lovemaking consists of various types of kissing and petting. Hence both partners are sexually aroused, turned on for the main course of sex that comes through fucking, coitus. The woman is wet "down there" and the man oozes precum from the meatus of his glans. They are sexually hot; they are ready to fuck. I herewith post in this entry some pics of guys are thus so sexually hot:

The first two examples were posted by Nigel, Circumcised.Aussie, on his Circumcised Beauty blog recently. Nigel has an uncanny knack for finding examples of circumcised cocks of guys that are so natural, yet so awesome! The owner of this awesome piece of male meat is obviously wellhung and in excellent health, judging from his rockhard erection. Get a load of his circumcision scar, his fat, mushroom glans, the flange or rim of his glans, and the bead of precum oozing from his glans, sort of like a cherry on a chocolate sundae. Wish my tongue was licking the meatus of his glans, savoring the delicate taste of this precum. Likewise the second pic is a different view of the same penis. I betcha the owner of this awesome circumcised penis is really into his glans. I betcha he enjoys the delicate sensations he elicits from his cockhead as he teases lightly the rim of glans, his awesome glans flange! Unfortunately we do not have any views the underside of this cock, whether the guy still has an intact frenulum or if it has been excised. But I am sure he enjoys stimulating that part which to many guys is the male G-spot.

The third pic belongs to a guy of small endowment but who oozes a generous amount of precum!

The fourth example is a classic and one of my favorites. In many ways it resembles my RIC'ed penis and how it responds to sexual stimulation. It looks like he has been engaging in a long, leisurely masturbation session with lots of edging. But in the pic, it looks like he's on the very threshold of ejaculatory inevitability. What makes the pic so irresistible is that he is wearing some sort of briefs or boxer briefs and that his underwear is moist from his precum, his sexual passion. It also appears that he is getting ready to shoot a load of semen on to his underwear. Hot!

Finally is a truly remarkable pic of Kale posted several days ago on Google Circumcised_guys. Not only does Kale have a jagged circumcision scar on his thick penis, but if you look closely you can tell that his glans is moist from precum. Complementing his organ of procreation is his tight scrotum which is nicely shaved but surrounded by a thick pubic bush at the base of his cock. Also you can tell that Kale is truly into his circed penis because it appears that he is in sexual bliss. Sweet!

Take care.


AussiSnipped said...

Thanks for the invitation to have a look at your blog. It is very well put together and containssome really nice cocks hanging off perfect male bodies. Some guys really do have it all. Keep them cuming in '09

Thom in DC said...

Hi AussiSnipped,

Thank you for your compliment. I hope to blog on a regular basis in 2009 and keep pics of circumcised cocks cumming your way.


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