Saturday, July 26, 2008

Circumcised Glans Penis Cleavages

I entitle this post "Circumcised Glans Penis Cleavages". Mostly every guy in the world from his early boyhood, if he is alive to his body and what it can do for him, exults in the pleasure of being alive. Invariably many guys from their very early years focus on their genitals. This is only natural because male genitals are much more prominently exterior, easily visible, and easily accessible than female genitals. A little boy discovers the pleasure of touching himself "down there" and playing with himself. Such an event sets him on the path to sexual discovery and finds its fruition in adolescence and the years of manhood that follow. A dad, brothers, perhaps cousins, or an uncle, maybe boyhood or teenage chums, even grown-up males outside the family, may help him on this path of sexual realization which is ongoing in sexual encounters either in marriage or a committed relationship. But males from the beginning of recorded history, certainly from the hazy mists of our Homo Sapiens species also had one-night stands which spice and texture to his sexual experience. I realize that much of what I have written in his paragraph is controversial and taboo, such as sexual contact through incest or man-boy encounters. This taboo is enforced through religious strictures and legal penalties. American society presently is probably going overboard on such "evils". Hence, as I said in a blog post several months ago, many such sexual encounters go unreported. Rather they are buried in the minds of the participants, memories ever cherished of undying love.

I thank my buddies, cut2monk3y and Circumcised.Aussie (Nigel) for the top two photographs for they provide excellent examples of the male sexual apparatus or "man area". Every guy needs this apparatus not only for sexual expression, but even more so for being male in the first place. I think the expression "three piece set" is apt here. I picked up this expression from a hot pornographic story on fellatio in Honcho Magazine sometime in the 1980's. The male "three piece set" consists of the visible male genitalia, e.g. two testicles in a scrotum supplanted by a penis. The male testes manufacture the spermatozoa and the penis is the vehicle or "tool" which introduces such to the cervix of the female in her vagina. But that is only part of the picture. Every guy also has a prostate gland and subsidiary organs for manufacturing the thick viscous, whitish/yellowish fluid which comprises most of a guy's semen. The wikipedia article on the male sexual apparatus is more detailed and informative.
I include here a medical illustration of the penis. You will notice that a guy's urethra (tube for carrying his urine [and semen during sex]) is enclosed in the Corpus spongiosum which runs from the meatus (cum/piss slit) located in his Glans penis and runs down along the lateral surface of his penis to the Bulbospongiosus muscle which according to wikipedia "contributes erection, ejaculation, and feelings of orgasm" in the male. It also covers the bulb of the penis. Also notice the Corpus cavernosum (actually there are two of them) which are located behind the Corpus spongiosum and urethra. The two Corpora cavernosa fill up with blood during sexual arousal and these cause a guy's erection.

I post now a medical illustration of the male prostate and seminal vesicles to say that these hidden organs are essential to the operation of a guy's three-piece-set. All this ties in with what I have written all along about male masturbation in this blog on such topics as the Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure. I also refer you again to a very insightful article on the Web on masturbation and edging. Now if you study the masturbation and edging article along the medical illustrations above and the wikipedia articles on the male sexual apparatus, you can gather many insights into male sexual response.

Now for the main course of this blog entry: the photographs!

For the top most pic, cut2monk3y posted it on various circumcision groups on both Yahoo and Google, including Circlist and Circumcised_guys. The guy has a short, yet thick circumcised cock capped by an awesome glans. His glans appears to be more than a mouthful. It has a gloriously shiny sheen along with a huge flange which any cocksucker would revel tonguing and mouthing to his heart's delight. His fat glans has a cleavage which adds to its allure. But notice also that he has still an intact frenulum. Frenulum, as you know, as you know its an anatomical term for 'stirrup' in Latin. We all have a frenulum at the base of our tongue on the underside which keeps our tongue in place. Likewise in uncircumcised guys, the frenulum attaches the foreskin to the underside of the glans. When working properly, this arrangement assists in the retraction of the foreskin when an uncut guy gets hard in most cases. This arrangement also has a place in the movement of the foreskin back and forth over the glans when an uncut guy is jacking off or fucking. In most cases, the frenulum is excised when a guy is circumcised; in some cases, not, as here in this pic. The frenulum occasionally does tear during masturbation or coitus, which is both bloody and painful, and may require circumcision.

A lot of guys with frenulums find that they are the most sensitive area of the penis, so a guy may stimulate his frenulum in the heat of masturbation to trigger his orgasm and ejaculation of semen. Hence I like to imagine a guy's frenulum as his cock trigger, or the trigger of the gun between his legs. Most guys who have been RIC'ed here in the USA have had their frenulums excised during their circumcision. Likewise many urologists excise the frenulums of older patients, whether boy, teen, or adult. Invariably many circumcised guys, from their early years, quickly discover the area where the frenulum used to be is their "sweet spot." A good buddy of mine out in California was uncircumcised until age 21 when he had his circumcision. Over the years until age 54, he had four more revisions to improve his circumcision. He told me that the sensation of pleasure is deeper underneath the frenulear area after circumcision. Anyway, having such a "sweet spot" just under your cockhead is one of the glories of being male.

The photo underneath is a pic which CircumcisedAussie posted recently on his Circumcised Beauty blog. It is a classic high and tight circ, the circumcision scar a good two inches down the shaft of his erect tool from his glans. Here again there is a nice cleavage in the lobes of his glans. It also appears that his meatus is slightly on the underside rather the top of his glans.

Next are three pics of Greg's awesome procreative organ. He has a beautiful glans with a nice cleavage and an intact frenulum. But what intrigues me about Greg's penis is that his circumcision seems roughly wrought as though he had his life-changing procedure perhaps six months or a year ago.

In the next two pics above, it appears that they are stroking their tools with classic masturbatory grips. Their penises are loving the physical attention and are showing it not only with rockhard erections but also flared glans which again show their cleavages.

The guy above with a ruler next to his circed cock has an impressive tool capped by awesomely fat, flanged, and shiny glans showing wide cleavage.

The bear has a beautifully RIC'ed penis with a noticeable cum tube transversing from his scrotum to his glans. Likewise the guy below, except he has a shiny, flanged glans with wide cleavage and not any frenulum to be speak of.

I posted already the guy above some weeks earlier in this blog. He's jacking intently his one-eyed buddy and both he and his cock are enjoying the experience immensely.

Finally in this lot of pics, we have a guy with a short, thick circumcised penis capped by a beautifully shaped glans, perfect for insertion, nicely flanged for maximum pleasure of both the fucker and fuckee.

Next I have posted two tools of African American guys just above. The first guy has a beautifully curved penis with an awesome two-toned color circumcision, delectably shaped glans, beautifully flanged with a wide cleavage. Likewise the other guy has a really high and tight circ. Those of you who read this blog and are knowledgeable about techniques and instruments used in circumcision, please tell me what sort of circumcision device was used on him. His thick piece of meat is capped by a beautiful mushroom glans with slight cleavage. It looks like he's oozing lots of viscous precum in that pic.

Next are three pics of a model I post several weeks ago. He has a beautifully shaped penis and nicely shaped glans with cleavage, and yes, he's ejaculating semen.

Finally I conclude with a guy jacking off in his hand. His thick semen is oozing in ropes from the meatus of his glans penis. Enjoy!

Take care.


Oringer said...

Thom: Great review of physiology of the male sexual organ, and good images to illustrate your facts as well as your musings. Thank you very much. Justin

Foreskinless said...

I totally agree with Justin's comment. It amazes me that so many photos of this type are available.


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