Saturday, October 25, 2008

Masturbation: That sweet mood enhancer

Hi guys,

It is an early rainy Saturday morning in late October here in DC. Daylight savings time this year will fall a week later for now on on the first Sunday in November. At 7:16 a.m. it is only beginning to dawn in the east. On a morning like this, it is downright gloomy. Somehow the gloom of such a morning matches the gloom many of us face in the state of our world, the economy, hard times, even our careers and workplaces. It is so easy to be downcast, overwhelmed by this gloom.

In times as these, it is only natural for one to turn inwards and find solace in the simple things of life. Introspection is necessary and helpful. Quietness aids in maintaining equilibrium and serenity. Even depression has its own use. But depression if taken too far harms one's good health.

I woke up this morning dejected. I had a hard day at work yesterday with an encounter with my supervisor which unsettled me. Again as I said in last night's blog entry, the work diary is a more suitable place for recording workplace events, not here in this blog.

My RIC'ed one-eyed buddy felt just as dejected as me this morning. Not only was he depressed, but he was one sleepy head as I sat before my PC in my sweats. That is until when logged on to the Internet and into both Google Circumcised_guys and Hairy Circumcised Guys groups. David Hamilton and Wayne Rogers, the group managers, do such good work in finding the best models who are circumcised. It is always inspiring not only to myself but also to my RIC'ed penis between my legs.

In times like these, enjoying the simple things of life is always helpful. My blog entry last night enumerated in detail some of the simple things I enjoy doing. But invariably every male who is healthy focuses on his body. I suppose the daily cycle begins when he undresses and goes to bed. After a day's labor, sleep is always sweet. You can let go of exhaustion in sleep, not only physical exhaustion but also mental exhaustion, even the stresses of life. But it has been my experience over the years that I am conscious of my body while sleeping and certainly when I wake up in the morning. Mostly every guy has genital consciousness which complements or even reinforces bodily consciousness. From adolescence on, guys experience morning erections. A full bladder may be responsible for this, but doctors have discovered that testosterone level is highest in the male in the hours leading up to sunrise.

OK you get up with your full bladder and go to the toilet to take your morning piss. Most times your erection becomes flaccid, and that is that. On a workaday morning with the concerns and expectations of the day before you, your one-eyed buddy follows suit. This is known as deferred or delayed gratification which is an important part of human socialization, the growing-up process. It is also known as the virtue of self-control. The opposite of all this is instant gratification.

Now the pursuit of self-gratification which is the heart and soul of masturbation varies through the male's life cycle. The jack happy teenager, especially one who has discovered masturbation, may jack off once or twice a day. Some teens and even young adults may masturbate seven times a day. But as a guy enters adulthood, leaves home to enter college and gets an education or enters the workplace, delayed gratification is an absolute necessity.

But the rewards of delayed gratification are immeasurable. First you become a responsible, contributing member of society in earning your living and then entering into social intercourse with other humans. From early years, all humans learn to keep sexual matters to themselves, at least in the byways of human society, its workplaces, worship places, and governmental places. There are definite societal taboos for sexual misconduct in public. One of these is exposure of oneself in public, i.e. letting your genitalia hang out in public :-) Likewise sexual activity in public, such as coitus and masturbation, is thoroughly condemned, as it should be, for the maintenance of the social order.

Hence the sexual organs are defined as "privates", at least in American English. Even in American social life, modesty in dress is a virtue, although both men and women may wear "revealing" articles of clothing. But modesty in dress especially in the workplaces and worship places of the world is both a necessity and aid for proper focus, first for the work that needs to be done in the office, factory, or construction site, and second, for unimpeded worship of the divine at the house of worship. St Paul the Apostle in his First Letter to the Corinthians, when he described the corporate nature of the church, stated that while there are presentable parts which are always and do much of the work, there are non presentable parts which we treat with greater honor. I am paraphrasing here, but I think he is referring to the genitals. While many people consider St Paul a sexual prude, I think here he is expressing himself in a most sensible way.

So we dress up to go out for the day's activities and then when we come home we dress down wearing clothing that is more comfortable, leisure wear. Athletes wear clothing enhances their performance in their sport. Many athletes especially in the summer wear as little clothing as possible. But it is swimmers that send me. Many swimmers, especially if they are lap swimmers or competition swimmers will wear Speedo racing trunks. Speedos especially on male swimmers accentuate their genitals. As I said in a earlier blog entry, you can see the basket of a guy in his Speedos, his genitals, whether he has large testicles, a large cock, or even if he is circumcised, because his trunks reveal his mushroom glans. It was always eye candy seeing such masculine hunks swimming at the field house in earlier years. In other sports, male athletes will wear a jockstrap or compression shorts to support the genitals, in contact sports, a guy will wear an athletic cup for protection. So even in athletics, sportsmen will wear articles of clothing for the modesty that society calls for, but also for support and protection, as many jocks term it, their "junk". Now it is interesting to note that over the years, developers of athletic cups have striven to make a cup that is comfortable to wear. But invariably many baseball players will adjust their junk on the baseball diamond or in the outfield. Seeing them adjust their cup makes a jock/cup fetishist and cockhound such as myself feel so good down there, if you know what I mean :-)

So many of us here in the USA refer to the genitals as privates. It shows that we consider them truly special, reserved for private places, normally the bedroom. So most guys will open their trousers or jeans to take out their stiffening cock. And many guys will even take off as much clothing, even become naked, when they have an erect penis that needs attention. And most couples engaging in sexual intercourse will become naked. It is more natural that way.

But now it is already mid-morning. By this time, I have bathed, shaved, and dressed for going out for Saturday breakfast and errands. But damn, I am so horny! I haven't jacked off in a good two weeks. And my RIC'ed buddy wants it so bad! I will return in a few hours. Take care.

[Continued early Thursday morning, October 30]

My errands Saturday took longer than anticipated. It turned showery as I was making my way home early Saturday afternoon. When I finally got back on the Internet, the afternoon was far spent. I never got back to this blog, but somehow my interest in how horses do it got the better of me. I dumped a load of semen late in the afternoon, I was so turned on how stallions just love to fuck.

I believe that quite a few of us humans are intrigued by how animals breed, although many of us are repulsed by it and do not admit to ourselves the fascination we find in how they do it. For many animals, having sex is so natural. It is certainly bestial. Most of the impulse for animals to breed comes from instinct. The sexual act for many animal species is rather brief.

For us humans, sexuality and the sexual life is much more complicated and multifaceted. The overwhelming percentage of humans naturally gravitate to their own species for sexual expression. We see ourselves in other people. This mirroring is the source of love and friendship. Invariably we are drawn to people who have sex appeal both male and female. Sex appeal is just one dimension of the human personality, but it is a dimension which pervades one's personality and even our relationships with other people.

I had entitled this blog entry: Masturbation: That sweet mood enhancer. For many males and even for quite a few women, if they are in touch with their bodies and even their feelings, one's sexual expression begins and even ends in one's own solitude. For many people, masturbation is truly working out of this sexual expression in a most concrete way. Masturbation brings sweetness and happiness into one's life, even when work becomes an absolute grind.

It is always wonderful that there are models such as Mike Timber around to inspire you in the brawny masculinity of his body, the steady and piercing look in his eyes, and even in his unshaven appearance. Mike just drips sex. I am sure they are thousands of guys out there whenever they see a guy like Mike Timber, they say, "I want him so bad!!!"

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