Thursday, October 30, 2008

The naked human animal (Circed)

Hi guys,

A few days ago, David Hamilton posted on Google Circumcised_guys one of the hottest pics of any guy in recent years. He's pictured in this blog entry in the third pic from the top.

Man has been termed as the thinking animal. Auguste Rodin's monumental sculpture, The Thinker, illustrated man in natural surrounding, buck naked, but deep in thought. Apparently he is wrestling with some serious problem. He's known as the cogitator.

The third guy from the top, Hot Guy, is the modern version of The Thinker. Invariably, at least here in the USA, he's circumcised, perhaps RIC'ed, in contrast to the early Greek athlete just above him. Anyway the ancient Greeks didn't practice circumcised. The modern-day stud may be deep in thought, perhaps daydreaming, truly in a meditative mood. Maybe he has sex on his mood. His salt-and-pepper gray hair indicates he's in his late 40's, early 50's, a definite plus. Love his semi tumescent penis.

I asked David Hamilton if he had any additional pics of this stud, but he said no. So I add more pics of Mike Timber, a perfect consolation who makes me horny just looking at him. Mike is a man of many moods, but all the same his raw masculinity just drips sex! I am smitten with lust and love just looking at how he fills out a white T-shirt and blue jeans revealing his taut muscle bound body!

I add more pics to illustrate the intended effect of the above pics.

Unfortunately I had wanted to add more pics as illustrations, but they are so old and ridden with errors that I couldn't post them. But I was so worked up in horniness by Mike Timber's pics that I shot a big load of semen a few minutes ago. It is nearly 4 a.m. here, so it is off to bed for me.

Take care, guys!


mark stevens said...

Most naked statues are from antiquity so are uncirced, but at the LA Colliseum there's a statue of one of the athletes from the LA Olympics (86, I think) who is fully circed, and at the Honolulu airport there used to be (it's been years since I've been to Hawaii) a statue of a rower who is also fully circed. If I can find the pics I took (not very good quality - sorry) I'll send them. It's great to see modern statuary representing what's great about America, and being American including being circed!

Thom in DC said...

Thank you for your comment, Mark. Perhaps the sculptors of those two statues were influence by the mentality of their time in which circumcision was commonplace and uncut rare. Yes, it is true that the depiction of nude uncircumcised males began with the ancient Greeks and Romans. But Michelangelo used a Jewish model for his statue of David who certainly was circumcised.

AndrĂ¡s said...

The circumcision of Christ is a common theme of Christian art, or at least, it was until the 18th century. Nevertheless, the Mary and the infant Jesus sculptures and paintings always show uncircumcised babies.

Anonymous said...

The last pic is just so incredibly hot!

mark stevens said...

Thom - I'm relectantly to disagree with you, but last year I was in Florence and the statue of the famous David is very, very obviously uncut. My Italian friends who are Jewish specifically remarked on that incorrect depiction of the young King David. In fact I have seen on the 'net somewhere a picture of the statue being ritually circumcised by a mohel.

Thom in DC said...

Hi Mark,

You are correct in your assertion that Michelangelo depicted David as an uncircumcised youth. I consulted the Net just now. confirmed your assertion. Wish I had your experience in Florence, Italy to see all this firsthand and then to have Italian Jewish friends at the same time! Again thank the Good Lord for RIC here in the USA.

Thom in DC said...

Also I thank Andras for his knowledge of art history in the incorrect depictions of the Christ Child in the nude.

Anonymous said...

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