Monday, January 21, 2008

Every guy needs this sweetness

Hi guys,

It is hard to believe that over two weeks have zipped by since my last post on Sunday January 6. I have been preoccupied by fierce office politics, my sorry relationship with my supervisor, and obsessed with the composition of my yearly performance self-performance that thoughts of circumcision, masturbation, jocks and cups, etc. have been far from my thoughts. Damn, I haven't even allowed myself a delicious erection even! I finished up my sorry, lamentable evaluation and passed it on to my supervisor for review yesterday afternoon. Last night I was so drained that I had to go to bed earlier than usual.

But thank God for good buddies here in DC and on the Net. They all are concerned about my welfare. These good buddies through their life experiences have been into Cock, their own and those of other guys. These good buddies are good, loving friends. Our conversations are devoted to matters totally devoid to Cock and sex. But allusions to such do crop in our conversations, however brief, but such allusions give rise to vibrant resonances.

Don, one of my jock buddies out in San Diego, CA sent me an e-mail inquiring me of my welfare. He suggested that I don my new G0 Software Suspension Jockstrap. This is an awesome garment, essentially a 100% cotton jockstrap with a hole in the jock pouch to point the penis through, essentially allowing the penis to hang free. So I have acted upon his suggestion. I have slipped on this suspensory jock underneath one of my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs. The feeling is delicious beyond belief.

But every red blooded male has a good buddy between his legs, his cock. He has begged me for the last couple weeks for us to go out and play. I have fretted and pouted about my adversary workplace that I have denied my RIC'ed penis the companionship he so deeply craves. But now he is reveling in this quintessential male sweetness of my caressing my exposed erection and pulsating glans jutting out of the GO suspension jock, that he is oozing out a copious amount of precum!

Such sweetness, such loving communion of my making out with my RIC'ed penis.

Take care,

Thom. in DC


K said...

Welcome back. I know what you mean about the evaluation. I always dread doing mine. Know you must have enjoyed your sweetness after all that time.

Anonymous said...

Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog...