Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He's such a beauty!!!

Hi guys,

I had another of those days at work today. A lot of non consequential work, nothing exciting, boring! But towards the end of my shift I just had to count my blessings. With the US economy as it is these days, heading south into the recession, it is good to know that I have A job. Now to work on my attitude and put some substance into my job even though much of it has been outsourced in 2007.

I have other blessings to thank the Good Lord for, most of all for good health and a sound mind, even during times of craziness in day-to-day life these days. It's good to know that my body, if I allow it, takes care of me. That includes sexual appetites and sexual response.

About thirty minutes ago, I dozed off while finishing reading my e-mail and surfing the web. It seemed that I went into another world. When I came to, I emerged refreshed. Somehow my RIC'ed penis also awoke from slumber and rewarded me with a pulsating erection!

Damn, he's a beauty. Right now he's gone back to sleep, well so he thinks. I'm indulging him with some affectionate caressings, feeling the thickness and heft of my stubby shaft, capped by my plump glans. It's been so long since we have had a serious date, perhaps a good two and half weeks, of going all the way in a leisurely masturbation session to climax in orgasm and ejaculation of semen.

Every red-blooded male when he encounters beauty in another male or female feels a pang of lust in his loins. This lust often pervades not only his entire body, but even his entire being. The southern expression of a horndog is a good expression of this sexual lust which if acted upon is the overweening desire of the male for sexual congress, to fuck.

Likewise in the solitary male, if he acts upon his sexual desire, this is the impulse for masturbation. A guy may and do have sexual thoughts, thoughts of prurience, thoughts of lust, even sweet memories of special times with his good buddy between his legs. His penis will stir, become tumescent, produce a throbbing erection, complete with the viscuous ooze of his precum, his prefuck, his clear preseminal fluid, oozing from the meatus of flared glans.

This is the climax of foreplay in the solitary male.

I am getting ready to masturbate, beat my meat, pork off!!! Take care.

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