Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jocked and cupped circed genitals, A meditation

Hi guys,

Today I am observing a quiet Sunday afternoon here in the quiet of my apartment. It has been cold here in DC since early this month. This morning I was feeling under the weather and didn't go to church but instead had a good chat with a friend on the phone and then was engrossed in a book until a little after 2 p.m. when I went out to do some grocery shopping in my neighborhood.

Don, my good buddy in San Diego, suggested that when I am posting my entries here to wear my GO Softwear Suspensory jockstrap underneath one of my BIKE CUP no. 85 supporter units. That is what I am doing right now. What I love so much about a GO Softwear Suspensory jockstrap is how its jock pouch cups my testicles and yet has a whole in the pouch for me to slip my penis through and let it hang free. My penis is semi-erect in the vertical position and every slight motion causes my penis to caress against the pouch of my BIKE CUP jock. So what I am experiencing right now a delicious feeling being jocked and cupped. Love how the fabric of the BIKE CUP jock caresses the frenulear area of my penis and the flange of my glans. Damn, it feels so good.

While wearing this combo, I am also doing some of the Kegel Exercises. Maybe later on tonight, I will get down to some serious masturbation.

Take care.

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