Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I want it so bad II (Reunion of lovers)

Hi guys,

There is that ache, that yearning every guy feels for his beloved, that becomes sweeter, more insistent and urgent, that ache that borders on sweetness/pain that separation increases every passing day.

For sexual partners, true lovers, such separation makes consummation in sex, coitus, fucking, all the more beautiful and powerful. Lovers reuniting after periods away from each other mostly likely take time to enjoy each other's company. Say if a husband returns from a long journey lasting days and months, his wife will make him feel at home and give him the comforts of house and hearth. What I am saying is that rest is necessary after the privations and exertions of a long journey.

Such was my experience a few hours ago when I returned home from an exhausting day, exhaustion produced from a short yet intense unit meeting that I had to attend late Tuesday morning. It is past midnight on early Wednesday morning. I feel refreshed and hopped on the Internet for a while.

Invariably when I use the Internet at home, I am presented with a smörgåsbord of sexual images and articles. I go mainly for photographs of the naked male, often in the phase of sexual arousal. Such males are mostly circumcised. For articles on sex, I go for those that are informative and believable. The same is true with pornography, which I don't read too much. I enjoy old fashioned suck and fuck stories, with little kink as possible.

Monday night I came across an article on the Net entitled "Edging -- enhancing your orgasm". This article was written for both men and women. The section devoted to men was twice as long as that for women. Even though I am gay and my sexual preference is for other men, men can derive great benefit from reading the section devoted to women.

This article turned me on a great deal, because I have learned very much from my RIC'ed penis, his two brothers and ancillary organs as a devoted masturbator. But I could not act upon the impulse for some loving. Work and its issues have been on my mind the last few weeks. While the situation has not been resolved, there is a lull or truce, as I suppose happens to other employees in similar situations all over the world.

Right now I am wearing my sweats. It is cold tonight and the radiator is emitting its early springtime heat. Oh I am so horny. I have been playing with myself, no, not in full-fledged masturbation, jacking off, beating my meat. Masturbation, jacking off, beating meat, are action words. This is nothing passive in these words. It is what a male does on himself in such powerful sexual play. Masturbation is analogous to coitus, fucking, where good, old-fashioned sex the man takes the active, superior role in the traditional missionary position.

For a good hour, I have been only caressing my penis, lightly squeezing and teasing my glans. Damn, I haven't porked off in so long that my Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs are moist with precum.

I have been glancing at the edging article for time to time while composing this entry. This article fills me with excitement because my RIC'ed one-eyed buddy is also pulsating with excitement. I am caressing him in my sweats. There is a delicious sweetness in this excitement, of the anticipation of the main course of the bate.

Finally I let my buddy out to play. He is jumping with excitement. There is nothing so beautiful as the release that comes through orgasm and ejaculation of semen, which just happened now!

Take care.

P.S. Written 5/17/08 a.m. Here is the URL of the excellent article on edging:

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