Friday, April 25, 2008

Exhibitory beauty

Hi guys,

It is now late Friday afternoon close to 5 p.m. in our nation's capital. The day began a cool note when I left my apartment at dawn early this morning to go to an appointment. Then I returned home to do some housework and surf the web on my first day of vacation. A little while ago this afternoon, I did my weekly laundry. I am now relaxing with sips of sherry.

Exhibitory beauty, that is how I describe the human body at rest. This refers to both sexes, because there is a genre of painting and drawing that focuses upon the human body in repose, both male and female. Nothing more beautiful can be that of a naked man or woman in repose. With a woman, her buxom matronly body with well-shaped, full breasts. With a man, his strong, virile body, complete with his genitalia, his penis and two testicles (scrotum) in repose. Such natural, unspoiled beauty which was exhibited by our First Parents in the Garden of Eden, cf. Michelangelo's paintings in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The Italians in the Renaissance had it right. They were not ashamed of the human body. The human body in their estimation was both the creation and reflection of the Creator, the Good Lord.

But beauty also has an active form of the human body in motion. It is always refreshing to see young women in athletic attire jogging through the streets of the inner city. Here many women wear jockbras (or jogbras) which keep their breasts supported and in place. Such garments are analogous to jockstraps and compression shorts many guys wear in athletic competition.

I give two examples of men with whom I shared a living space many years ago. The first was Martin who was my roommate during my sophomore year in college. He had a lithe, athletic body and while he didn't have a handsome face, he certainly had a smoldering sexuality in his body. He was a long distance runner and played soccer. We also engaged mutual masturbation and sucking each other's cock several times. He was a missionary kid, whose Anglo American father married a Brazilian mother, because Martin had a swarthy countenance which I found appealing. His circumcised penis was also swarthy and his glans! A deep purple, so suckable. Sadly our sexual encounters were hurried and fleeting and afterwards he was so guilt ridden which caused us to break up as roommates. But Martin told me when he was growing up in Brazil, he and his Brazilian friends engaged in cock sucking as something normal and pleasurable.

The second guy was Tom with whom I shared an apartment during the last six months of my graduate school years before coming to live here in DC in 1978. Tom had both a handsome face and body. He too was a long distance runner. Tom had a beauty both at rest and in action.

The circumcised penis has these two types of beauty. The flaccid penis in repose is beautiful in its unobtrusive rest, whereas the erect penis salutes and rearing to go. It displays an active beauty which gives delight and pleasure to its owner and his partner in the sex act.

Take care.

Having lived in Washington, DC since 1978, I am alert to the effect that the season of spring is both fleeting and transitory from winter to summer. So it is this afternoon at 5 p.m. The official temperature is 80 degrees, but it feels more like summer. URGHH!!! Summer!!! Washington, DC style!!!

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