Saturday, April 19, 2008

RIC'ed baby boomer recreation

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"I wrote the body of this posting on Saturday afternoon, April 19, nearly a week ago."

There is nothing so wonderful, so pleasurable as the weekend. In our hectic, work-a-day society these days two days away from the workplace in most people's minds are much anticipated and yearned for. Unfortunately for most of us, we have errands to run and chores to do around the house. I, for one, in a little while have to go a shoe store to purchase a new pair of shoes.

Humans, being social animals, who are through our evolution and our societies have long lifespans compared to most other animals. Earning a living is necessary for our individual survival throughout life and for the maintenance of the wellbeing of society. Generally most adults work eight to nine hours a day. Unfortunately in present-day American society, most people to commute to their workplaces, which add an additional two-three hours to their daily routines. Next comes the hours between each work shift and commute spent mostly at home. That includes time with spouses or partners and children. A good night's sleep is also important. Generally most adults here in the USA sleep five or six hours per night, perhaps more on the weekend.

But recreation is very important in one's life. Social activities with family and friends or just having fun on the town both enrich and relax. Athletic activities or working out at the gym are a vital form of recreation. Many people, including myself, enjoy times of solitude in quiet reflection and meditation which restore the spirit. Humans since the beginning of civilization have found value in various forms of worship as a group. Such worship solidifies the bond one has with the Divine and with other humans.

Lastly it must be said that sex is a form of recreation that is affirming to both the individual and his/her partner. One should note the root meaning of recreation. Indeed sex has been here on planet earth for millions of years, having its origin in the division of cells. As animals became sentient, they developed instincts for survival, protection, and reproduction of the species. Most animal species procreate at set times of the year. But I venture to say that higher animals, especially primates, and certainly humans, have feelings of love towards their mates. Hence you could say that sex is creation in its vitality, procreation. One also hears the adage, "Love makes the world go around." How true! Love brings humans together. Ideally, as dictated by most religions and societies, love is the expression of union, consummated in the sex act, coitus. But throughout the millennia of the human species, humans have had sex out of physical need alone. Males in most societies have been portrayed as horndogs, perpetually horny, with sex on their minds. A few months ago, I read an article that said that human males are hardwired for sex because in the midsts of time, males had to impregnate as many females as possible for the perpetuation of the species. Also many males enjoy each other's sexual company. For them nothing is more thrilling than sexual expression with each other and the concrete working out of their sexual drive.

Every male has this realization of this fundamental urge, this sexual within himself from his earlies years. He loves to touch himself "down there." This awareness blossoms and comes to fruition in adolescence when most males not only discover their rapidly maturing bodies, but what their penises can do for them in masturbation. Many males as they get older get over their guilt about masturbation. Their penis becomes their teacher and guide.

I am writing this section Friday morning April 25 in the 4-5 a.m. hour. Just now I hear Father Robin singing his morning song even though dawn is a good hour afar off.

There is nothing sweeter or more affirming than the recreation a male finds in his own penis through masturbation. There are several prerequisites for this recreation, the most being unhurried leisure. Taking time with your one-eyed buddy between your legs is perhaps analogous to having a serious date. Couples enjoy this in the conversations that they have in dating. Often such conversations will occur over dinner at a restaurant or having an ice cream sundae at an ice cream shop afterwards. Invariably fun is involved. Often for serious couples this interaction turns toward the physical in the expressions of affection for one another. Kissing, necking, caressing, petting, etc. One touch leads to another. The kissing becomes more insistent and passionate. Couples, especially those in a marriage relationship, will find those dates lead to coitus, fucking. How sweet!!!

The same is true with a male and his penis. From earliest years, most males realize this vibrant relationship they have with their cocks. For them, myself included, jacking off is one of the best forms of recreation imaginable :-)

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