Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring has sprung!!!

Hi guys,

Spring has finally arrived here with verve and gusto after a weeks of wintry weather which seemed to want to hang on and not let go. We have had one of the wettest winters I can remember. Through March and the first part of April, we have had days in which there was a penetrating coldness which banished any thoughts of spring. But the winds are now coming from the southern direction and the sun is making itself felt. So mother earth has responded with vibrant greenness everywhere in flourishing grass and leaves on trees and bushes.

Often the male has to deal with winter in his own life. Most often in modern-day America, he lives in perhaps a large metropolitan area and has to encounter long work-a-day commutes and a demanding work life at the office. He may likely encounter this in a testy relationship with his boss. A couple evenings ago, I had a long telephone conversation with a good friend on such testy relationships. Once again I run the risk of sounding sexist, but many men may agree with me that women make worse bosses than men. That may be true ; it also depends on the personality of the boss.

But I live aside issues at work in this posting, except to say that there changes, some major, afoot at work. I continue my job search for a more rewarding job elsewhere. Later today I plan to buy a notebook to put down my thoughts about life in general and my work life in particular.

Spring has sprung!!! I have begun a four-day vacation away from my workplace. I want to enjoy spring time here in Georgetown and the azaleas in bloom in the central courtyard of my apartment upon which my apartment faces. My windows are open to the spring breezes. Building management a week ago rewarded me with prompt service in installing three new sets of window blinds in my apartment. I am now in business. This weekend I hope to spend some time in throwing out old papers and magazines.

Spring has sprung!!! People have shed their winter clothing and these days are donning looser and skimpier summer clothing. The last few weeks on my days off from work I have been wearing Under Armour Heatgear in smart colors. All this acts as a heady tonic on loins and groin. Right now I am wearing a heather gray C-IN2 terry cloth jock underneath a pair of navy-blue BIKE coaches shorts. My RIC'ed penis and his two bros are happy and excited in this combo.

Take care.

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