Friday, April 25, 2008

Sexual fullness-- and boing!!!

Hi guys,

ca. five a.m.:

Every healthy male certainly from adolescence and throughout his life exults in his sexuality. Most days, even when he is very busy with work-a-day life, he appreciate his male body. For me, such times happen early in the morning when I bathe and shaving. During those times, I am buck naked. I have been very fortunate in recent years, certainly since 2001 when I embarked on some years of professional, graduate study. Going to class, doing the class assignments, writing research papers, and taking examinations, all this acted as a tonic on note only my psyche but also on my body. I pursued this program of study at the Catholic University of America, a wide open campus, which Pope Benedict XVI visited recently a good week ago. I enjoyed my experience there and it was a bittersweet experience when I graduated on May 13, 2006. Since then, I have kept up with my daily walks here in DC and my wide reading.

In the twelve noon hour:

I had wanted to continue my discourse from above, but a guy out in California IM'ed me on Yahoo then. Turns out that he is uncircumcised and wants to undergo circumcision soon. I pointed him to web site, which is perhaps the best web site devoted to circumcision here in the USA. I hope he can get in touch with David, the web site owner, who owns a medical supply business, who himself was circumcised a good five years ago in his early 40's. David takes young men under his wings and steers them towards this life-changing procedure. I hope David or someone else can point my friend on Yahoo IM to a urologist near him in Southern California.

For this entry, I speak of the "sexual fullness" every male feels from adolescence onward throughout life. This "sexual fullness" is localized in a male's genitals, especially his seminal vesicles and ampullae where spermatozoa and seminal fluid accumulate. When such organs become full, they send subtle indications to the male consciousness that a guy has to take action through sexual activity. Hence "sexual fullness" many guys feel is the root of horniness. It is the heart of being a horndog. A guy has this itch that is localized in "having balls filled with cum" and that sweetness that every dedicated masturbator, jackoff artist, feels in his penis as he touches it. Every touch "down there" inflames him, pours fuel on the fire in his loins and groin. He wants to either jack off or fuck.

I am not sure if I will "go all the way today". I may instead go ahead and do some housework, perhaps lie down for a long nap this afternoon. I guess the stresses of my workplace have gotten to me lately. But still there is that sweet itch "down there" that needs to be satisfied, perhaps later on.

More later. Take care.

P.S. Here is a good article on seminal vesicles on wikipedia:

P.S. II. But there is an end result of sexual fullness that is loaded up in one's groin, one's loins, and that is the woody that goes boing!!!

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