Friday, April 11, 2008

I want it so bad

Hi guys,

I want it so bad. There is that fullness in my loin and my genitals, that sweet itch that every guy feels when he has gone without sex for so long.

My one-eyed RIC'ed buddy between my legs wants it so bad too. I am fully dressed in my casual office clothing: dress shirt, a new pair of bluejeans, and underneath a clean pair of Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch briefs. My circumcised penis is semi-erect in its confinement, yearning to be let out. But I can't because in forty-five minutes I have to leave for work.

There is that sweetness that is localized in my glans, the shaft of my penis, cumtube, testicles, prostate. Damn, I am horny and randy, with sex on my mind. He's excited too, and I betcha the meatus of my cock is oozing precum. But it will have to wait, this date, this going all the way with my buddy, till later, perhaps tonight if I am not too tired, or tomorrow Saturday.

It is said that forced delays and separations, makes the reunion of lovers even sweeter and more passionate. This is certainly true with a man and his penis, in the solo sex that he has with his penis, the essence of masturbation.

Take care.

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