Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doug Clark, MLB player, superbly jocked and cupped

Hi guys,

A few days ago on Yahoo group Baseball Jocks, Jason Varitek Fan, one of the head honchos of that group, posted four pics of Doug Clark, when he played for the Richmond Braves before he went up to play for the Atlanta Braves out in left field.

In these pics, he's wearing some sort of banana cup which produces a most spectacular bulge in his baseball pants. I don't know if he is wearing an Original Banana Cup, or a BIKE CUP, or a Shock Doctor Cup. It's wonderful to see a baseball player who wears protective gear for his manhood, you know his "man area", the shrine of his male genitals.

Some years ago in the mid 1990's, I used to swim almost every day in our university fieldhouse. One Saturday morning towards noontime when I was leaving the fieldhouse and making my way across campus towards home, I passed our baseball field and saw our university baseball team warming up in practice before a game. All the players (they were all well-built and hot, each of them), were wearing some sort of athletic cup. I am sure they were wearing a BIKE CUP. It was real eye candy seeing their cupped bulges moving in their baseball pants with their every move. It was so nice to know that all of them were in superb physical shape, all of them studs, their baby makers safe, secure, and protected so that they father the next generation!

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