Saturday, July 26, 2008

My "Man Area"

Hi guys,

I finally got around tonight to posting some pics of my "man area" (using NuttyBuddy web site parlance) so that those who read my blog will know that I am just an ordinary RIC'ed baby boomer with an average endowment.

These pics were taken on a warm Friday afternoon in August 2003 by Isaac, a good buddy of mine here, who shares my fascination for circumcision and how it improves males both visually and functionally "down there." I had taken the day off as leave from work, so my mind was focussed on our photo session. However, my RIC'ed buddy was bashful in many of the pictures that Isaac took. He didn't want to get hard. But Isaac took my buddy in his hands and gave him so strokes which produced the necessary erection.

In the first pic, I am wearing a BIKE no. 85 banana cup supporter unit, in many ways the best jock and athletic cup. Damn, I wish I had a digital camera and another buddy so that I can model a NuttyBuddy athletic cup, in many ways, a state-of-the-art protective cup if there was one. This photograph I have uploaded to my profile for this blog.

The next two pics show the dorsal side of my RIC'ed penis. Yes, my organ of procreation is in many ways an average endowment, but my glans is certainly a bulbous mushroom.

The last pic shows the underside of my cock. There is not much cleavage in my glans. There is hardly a vestige of a frenulum. But like most other guys, that area is truly a "sweet spot" as is the rim or flange of my glans as well as the slight groove from my meatus (piss/cumslit) to my frenulear area. I hope to explore this further in my post later tonight, entitled, "Glans cleavages".


Thom. in DC


Oringer said...

Thomas: Hats off to you for being honest and brave to say the least. I am glad to know more about you. I love your penis; I wish I could have been there to prep it for the photo op. I love your smooth shaft and the fact that you do not have any severe cut scar. I would love to annoint your shaft with the salve of my desire. Truly, Justin

Anonymous said...

Thomas: Forgot what a great blog you have. Will return to keeping up in your creative endeavors. Justin T.