Monday, July 7, 2008

Modern day American cowboys

Hi guys,

The American cowboy is an icon of the Old West. He's a product of Manifest Destiny, the impulse for settling the USA from sea to shining sea. The American cowboy survived the closing of the American frontier in 1892. Of course, there are few genuine cowboys left. Most have pickup trucks and SUV's; some even have luxury cars. I doubt there are few or any cowboys left who drive cattle to market. Many however manage large ranches out west.

Cowboys in the Old West had the reputation of being unwashed, dirty, and smelly. Well I suppose driving and rustling all that cattle made them that way. But many of them did at least wash up or bathe once a week, at least on Saturday evenings before going to saloons in town. Also I suppose all of them were uncircumcised.

But with the advances in medicine and certainly with neonatal care over the years, more guys out west, including those who are modern day cowboys, have been either RIC'ed or circumcised as teens or adults. This blog entry focuses upon several such "cowboys."

The first guy is a real hot dude. He has thick black beard and mustache which complement his thick black pubic bush. Judging from the circumcision scar on his penis which looks so far, I wonder if he was circumcised only several years ago.

Although the second guy is probably only just a model, the cowboy hat he's wearing magnifies his well-hung thick circed penis, capped by a mushroom glans. Wish he were fucking my mouth right now.

And likewise the third "cowboy", Robert Currie. He's certainly well-muscled and beefy. I am glad he didn't trim or shave entirely his pubic bush because it adds to the potency of his circed penis which is impressive and his sperm-laden scrotum.



Anonymous said...

#3 reminds me of a young Ryan O'Neal with a spectacular unit! Wow, what a knob!

Thom in DC said...

Hi solojo,

Glad you enjoy the cowboy pic of what you said is a young Ryan O'Neal. Yes, he has a knobby glans.

The glans penis is an absolute necessity of a guy's equipment. Every guys needs one for sexual stimulation and for successful completion of the sex act.