Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An interesting erotic garment

Hi guys,

For this entry I am posting a series of pics featuring model, Scott Sharp, wearing a very interesting erotic or even athletic garment. You will notice that it is not a jockstrap because it doesn't have leg straps, nor is it a thong. The pouch is also detachable. It could be a suspensory, but a suspensory has a pouch for a guy's scrotum and a hole in the pouch through the penis is inserted so that it can hang free. In a sense, with the pouch detached, this garment has a cock ring only supported by the waistband so that both penis and scrotum can hang free.

Scott has a solid, athletic body. He's a true jock. I detect Slavic features in his face which enhances his studliness and virility. He also has a circumcised cock which demonstrates to full effect this unique garment.

If anyone who reads this blog knows the brand or make of this garment, please let me know. I get the sense that it is manufactured somewhere here in the USA.

Take care


Anonymous said...

It's called a suspensory and a Google search should turn up some retailers.

My father had to wear one after his hernia operation back in the 70s.

It took me decades to realize I hadn't made up the the whole unusual support piece.

Thom in DC said...

Hi anonymous,

Thank you for your reply. You are correct in saying that saying that suspensories are worn by men after surgery for a hernia (as your father's case) or a vasectomy. However, all suspensories have a pouch to support the scrotum and also a hole through which for the penis to hang free.

Unfortunately extensive web surfing through Google and other search engines for information of the brand of what Scott Sharp was wearing was fruitless :-(